Muscle Up Ring Rows, Front Squats, KB Windmills

I don’t think lifting in the morning is my thing.  Rowing, walking, or cycling in the morning is mindless enough for me to handle, but moving weight around is a different ball game.  Also, my body is stiff and takes a while to get moving.  Nevertheless, I wanted to give it a shot since we had a house showing tonight that would interfere with my normal evening time frame.

I want to start working on some transition movements that “grease the groove” for me to perform muscle ups.   I can do chinups on the rings with my hands in a “false grip” position, but I can’t transition my body through the middle part of the movement to get to the dip to get above the rings.  I found a nice explanation sheet and supporting video for things to help me workup to it, so I need to start using it.

Muscle-Up Ring Rows (false grip)
(Rings waist high, heels on the ground, extend/lean back from rings with legs locked and arms straight to begin rep.  Bend and pull from arms, like a chinup, but don’t finish out as a dip… work slowly through any transitional sticking points… adjust heal starting position to vary difficulty)
5 reps x 3

Front Squats
(light weight, good upright posture, pause at the bottom on the medicine ball before driving out)
135# x 5

Kettlebell Windmills
50# x 3/side (left shoulder very solid, right shoulder slightly unstable… couldn’t hold bell rock solid overhead with left fingers touching the ground… I can feel that ever-so-slight burn deep in my right shoulder indicating my targeted rotator cuff muscles got some work….. using the heavier weights, I can also feel it in my obliques)


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