Rowing, Chinups, & Ball Slams

250m Row, 1:08

Ring Chinups (false grip) x 5

500m Row, 2:09

14# Ball Slams x 20

250m Row, 1:22

It seems that in the past few weeks when I start going anaerobic, my lungs have a strange burning to them.  I’ve been out of breathe before but never had this kind of burning.  Once I start to catch my breath, the  burning dissipates.  Not sure if this is left over from a couple of bouts with chest congestion this year; the lack of sprinting activities this year; or a combination of both.  I’ve got an annual doctor appointment coming up in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see if he hears anything unusual then.

Also experiencing a bit of elbow discomfort, mostly in the right elbow.  Some of it might be the chinups and ball slams, but some could be all the weights, boxes and tubs I’ve been carrying this week.  Nothing serious at this point, but just listening to my body.  I’ve certainly done myself grief before by ignoring stuff like this.


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  1. Rob Dyess said,

    May 8, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    I am the KING of ignoring things and then they come back to bite me. The latest is a dull pain in my lower left leg—- ended up being a stress fracture that I ran on for most of 3 months.

    Now I CAN’T run (per doc’s orders) for 3 months.

    Get it checked out!!

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