Rowing and Barbell Snatch Movements

Rowing, 250m x 4 (2:49, 2:29, 2:11, 1:51)

Snatch Grip BTN, Push Press

Snatch Balance


50# Kettlebell Pushpress x 5 x 3 (per side)



1/2 hour of Kundalini Yoga.

Had to do 21 sets of each “Tibetan sequence”.   I don’t think this was one of the relaxing forms of yoga… it was danged near CrossFit… LOL

Walking and Rowing

Walked a couple of miles in the morning while waiting for new car tires to be installed.

Rowed 1000 meters on the C2 rower.  Started off easy and finished hard.  I can tell I haven’t rowed in months.

Lite Barbell Work

A light workout again wearing the Vibrams Five Fingers.  Trying not to overstress my feet with the new shoes.

GHD situps
GHD back extensions

Kettlebell Windmills

Hang Power Cleans



Working on static and isometric poses/holds.  Jess put us through 45 minutes of yoga.  Need to keep that up as there are definitely positions that could aid barbell work.

Hang Power Cleans

I’m making a conscious effort to move back into consistent exercise.  Perhaps the impetus has been the acquisition of some Vibram Five Fingers TrekSport shoes.

Getting a feel for the balance of the Five Fingers during barbell movements:

Hang Power Cleans x 10 x 2