Kettlebell Chipper

Like a wood chipper, just chucking in one KB movement after another.

KB 1-handed swing 25# x 5/side;
KB Clean 25# x 5/side;

KB Clean 35# x 10/side;
KB Swings 25#, alternating hands x 20;
KB Figure 8’s between legs, 25# for 60 seconds;
KB Swings 35#, 2-handed for 60 seconds;
KB Push Press 35# x 10/side

Got to get more consistent with the KB Cleans and “taming the arc”.  Some are good and others are beating the crap out of my forearm.


Kettlebell Halos and Windmills

Kettlebell Halos:
35# KB x 5 rotations each direction;
50# KB x 5 rotations each direction;

Kettlebell Windmills:
25# KB x 1 per side;
35# KB x 1 per side;
50# KB x 1 per side;

Examples of various Kettlebell movements

Kettlebell Presses

Sunday was an easy day.  My toe was swollen again, so the only effort I did was loading training equipment for transport.


Unloaded training equipment and hauled it to the 2nd floor training mezzanine.

25# Kettlebell halo… 5 rotations each direction.

KB Presses (strict shoulder press):
35#KB 1 Clean & 3 Presses per arm;
55#KB 1 Clean & 3 Presses per arm;
55#KB 1 Clean & 3 Presses per arm;

Kettlebells are great for a space restricted motel room!

Functional Work Day

No “workout”, but lots of heavy lifting.

  • bucket loads of smashed tile out of the house
  • staged old kitchen cabinets into their new home in the craft/scuba room
  • Carried hearth stone & HEAVY boxes of cultured stone into the house for the fireplace… nice deep squats and sumo deadlifts.

Kick ass productive day!

A massage would be nice, but I’ll settle for beer and fun! LOL

Hodge Podge of skills

25# Kettlebell Arm bar (lay on your side with KB straight up in the air and rotate toward your chest); 3 per side;

25# Kettlebell Windmill x 3/side;

Loaded and unloaded scuba tanks (from storage unit to the garage at home);

50# Kettlebell potato squats (focus on upright back position at bottom of squat); 5 reps;

65# Barbell Snatch & two Overhead Squats x 5 sets;

I’ve not done a barbell snatch in months and never in my Vibrams Five Finger shoes, so I kept my weight light and my sets low.  I was able to grip the bar closer than I’ve ever done before in the snatch and OHS position, thanks I believe, to the kettlebell shoulder work I’ve been doing.   I used to grip all the way out at the end of the bar by the plate.  Now I can use the “normal” groove mark about 10 inches inside the plate…. NEVER been able to do that before!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

The VFF’s feel pretty good for barbell lifts.  I can tell without my weightlifting shoes that I still have ankle/shin flexibility issues to work on though.


45 min of Yoga. Warrior sequence.

Lite Skills Practice: KB Turkish Getups, KB Cleans

Kettlebell Turkish Getup: 15#, 25#

Kettlebell Clean: 35#; Still not “Taming the Arc” consistently, so the bell is crashing on the back off my forearm.

Yoga: Cobra to Downward Dog combination.

Kettlebell Swings and Push Presses

5 minute Row, 910 meters;
(15# KB 1-handed swing x 10 and 15# KB Push Press x 10) per side;

35# KB 1-handed swing (left side) x 21;
35# KB Push Press  (left side) x 21;
35# KB 1-handed swing (right side) x 21;
35# KB Push Press  (right side) x 21;
Time: 3:25;

250 meter row

Tile Carry, Pry and Smash

Today’s “workout” was home renovation related.  Carried several boxes of slate tile and bags of 50# thinset store to project area.  This was good squat and core work.

The mental and physical endurance work (lol) was beating and prying the kitchen tile off the floor…. a few hours of lunges and shoulder/grip work.  I’m toast!!

Push Mowing for Cardio

Tonight I turned some push mowing into a 45 minute cardio event.  Trimmed around the house then mowed a ditch and hillside that don’t often get cut.  All the ingested dust may have negated the workout benefits though. LOL

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