Fri & Sat: Miscellaneous Exercise and Functional Movement

Started to fall behind on in recording any exercise.

Loaded electrical training equipment from 2nd floor into vehicle.

Unloaded electrical equipment.
Finished clearing boxes out of storage unit.
On a more traditional workout note,
Deadlifts, 255#
Barbell Shoulder Presses, 65#
Dumbell, Alternating (seesaw) shoulder presses, 40#

On another note, I’ve strained both of my feet the past couple of weeks and have to continually take it easy to let them recuperate.  It seems I need to balance my workouts using my Vibram’s Five Finger shoes with the use of standard shoes.  While my feet adapted nicely to walking/hiking in the VFF’s, weight-bearing movements seem to go a bit rougher on my feet.


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