Functional Exercise and Thoracic Mobility drills


Functional workout…. carrying cement board and 50# bags of thinset at the store and into the house.

Used floor scraper to get up as much of the old “loose” thinset off the OSB flooring.  Unfortunately, this seemed to cause some pain and swelling in my wrist for a few days.


Finally got my sleep patterns straighten out and the wrist swelling/pain subsided.

6 flights of stairs x 2 round trips

Several sets of potato squats facing the wall with a 25# KB.  Focused on tension in the booty pop and upright back posture to improve thoracic mobility.  Still can’t stand close enough to the wall.  As I squat, I lean forward too much and cause myself to fall back.  Need to be more diligent working on thoracic mobility.

Also did some Cobra pose and other upper back drills to loosen T-spine.

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