Getups and Windmills

After a week of lazing around for vacation, it was time to get back at it.

Kettlebell Turkish Getups, 50# x 3/side

Kettlebell Windmills, 50# x 3/side

These were my heaviest Getups and Windmills to date and they felt pretty good.  Getups using my left arm took more effort than my right, but Windmills felt fairly equal on both sides.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that 10# felt heavy for a windmill.


Turkish Getups and 1K Row

3/4 Turkish Getups 45# x 5/side
(using two kettlebells in one hand, 25#, 20#)
Much tougher with the left hand than right
1K Row: 5:35
3/4 Turkish Getups 50# x 2/side
(using one kettlebell)
Again… tougher on the left side than right… need to situp more at an angle than straight up.  It comes more naturally on my right side.


Deadlifts, KB Clean and Press

Romanian Deadlifts 65# x 5
(Standard) Deadlifts 185# x 5 x 3
KB Clean & Press 50# x 5/side x 2

High Pulls and Snatches and 1K Row

KB Halo 35# x 5/direction
KB High Pulls 35# x 10/side
KB Snatches 35# x 10/side
KB Snatches 35# x 15/side
1K Row, 4:11


KB Snatch and 2K Row

KB Halo 25# x 5/side

KB Press 35# x 5/side

KB 1-handed Swing 35# x 10/side

KB Snatch 35# x 5/side

KB Snatch 50# x 5/side x 2 sets

2K Row, 9:36

Romanian Deadlifts and KB Snatches

After sitting around and grading 80 tests tonight, I decided to test a new duet for kicks and grins.

Romanian Deadlift 185# x 5;

KB Snatch 35# x 10/side;

Romanian Deadlift 185# x 6;

KB Snatch 35# x 6/side;

Nice way to get the heart pumping a bit before bedtime.  LOL

Turkish Getups, High Pulls, and Snatches

25# KB Armbars x 3/side,


25# KB 3/4 Turkish Getups x 5/side


25# KB Cleans x 3/side


25# KB OHS x 3/side


25# KB High Pulls x 10/side


25# KB Snatches x 15/side

Rowing, Deadlifts, and KB OHS

250m Row, 1:29,
Barbell Deadlifts 255# x 4,
500m Row, 2:41,
Barbell Deadlifts 235# x 4,
1000m Row, 4:54,
Barbell Deadlifts 185# x 4,
KB Overhead Squat, 35# x 3/side

1K Row and Turkish Getups

Relaxed 1k Row, 5 minutes;


25# KB Turkish Getup x 3/side x 2 sets (in blue jeans)

KB Double Snatches

KB windmills 25#, 3/side;

KB snatch 25# x 10;

KB double snatch (LH20#, RH25#) x 20;

KB double snatch (LH25#, RH20#) x 20;

Fore arms were quite tight on 2nd half of 2nd set.

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