1000m Row and Presses

1000 meter Row, 4:50;
20# Kettlebell Press x 5/arm;
25# KB Press x 5/arm;
65# Barbell Shoulder Press x 5

85# BB Sh Press x 5;
95# BB Sh Press x 3;
50# KB Press x 3/arm;
125# BB Sh Press x 1;
145# BB Sh Press x 1;
155# BB Sh Press x 1; (Personal Record)
165# BB Push Press x 1;
175# BB Push Press (fail);
160# BB Push Press x 1 with a 5 second negative (lowering);

Row 1000 meter 4:06 (3rd best time)

I was pleased at the PR on the Shoulder Press (5# higher than PR set in Nov 09).  For the past year I’ve done almost zero barbell presses and just focused on strengthening my shoulder and rotor cuff muscles with 50# (or less) kettlebells.  Amazing what increased core and secondary support can do for a main lift.

However, I didn’t see an increase in my push press due to lack of any explosive exercises in my workout for the past year or so.  In fact, my Push press was about 30# shy of my PR.

The last 1000 meter row turned out nice, especially after lifting first.  It was my 3rd best time ever.  The two previous best were 3:50 and 4:05.  I started out the first 300 meters at a 1:45 pace which was unsustainable, then dropped to around 2:00 for the middle 400, before just hanging on with about a 2:15 for the last segment.  I was just happy to finish after starting off too fast.


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