Kettlebell “Bottoms Up” Presses

I’ve been reading a book that my brother left for me last week, “Russian Kettlebell Challenge”, and it contains some variations on some basic KB exercises I’ve been doing over the past year.  After playing around with some side presses and bent presses throughout the week, I decided to give the “bottoms up” press a try (A shoulder press balancing the KB upside down).  Even using a lighter KB, holding it upside down by the handle is a tough one, so I stuck with sets of 5 because my left hand was having a much tougher time than my right.

25#KB “Bottoms Up” Press x 5/side x 5

1000m Row 4:50

Last night I attempted a couple of Muscle-Ups on the rings, but couldn’t get past the sticking point.  However, I was happy with how strong the pullups felt in the “false grip” position.  I haven’t been using that grip much.


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