2-Handed KB Swings Wed 15th

Lunch Time Workout:

15 minutes total… as many sets as possible…. resting as long as necessary between sets
35# KB 2-Handed Swing x 20 reps x 12 sets

Total:   240 reps in 15 minutes.  A 40 rep increase over Monday.

I was hoping for, but dreading, an attempt for 220 reps.  However, I abbreviated my last rest interval leaving about 40 seconds left to crank out a final set and reach 240…. much to my chagrin… LOL.   That hurt… not so much from the cardio aspect (which was a minimal factor), but rather from the sandwich and water I felt sloshing in my gut.  I’m a bit surprised at how quickly my cardio and HR recovery is improving.  Now the limiting factor seems to be more of how quickly my explosiveness diminishes at the end of a 20 rep set.

I may need to bring a fan into my office now. 🙂


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