2-Handed KB Swings Fri 17th

Lunch Time Workout:

15 minutes total… as many sets/reps as possible…. resting as long as necessary between sets;
35# KB 2-Handed Swing x 40 reps x 3 sets;
35# KB 2-Handed Swing x 20 reps x 7 sets;

Total:   260 reps in 15 minutes.  A 20 rep increase over Wednesday.

I hadn’t even given kettlebells a thought until AFTER eating grilled burgers and fixings sans buns at the potluck.  Waited about 1/2 hr after I ate to do the swings, but it was tough nonetheless.  It’s becoming more of a mental game than physical.  Quite a bit of negative self-talk… “it won’t hurt to skip today”… “it only makes sense you don’t do as many today”… “come on, you can stop now”.  The toughest part was getting restarted in a timely fashion after the rest intervals.

Started out with 40 rep sets just to see how they’d feel.  The last 10 of each set were weak and tortuous, but maintained that rep-count for 3 sets before it over-taxed my cardio and I dropped back down to 20 rep sets.

I’m glad I have some class videos to review to give me a chance to catch my breath and cool down. 🙂


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