Lower Back Pain and limited lunch time exercises

Today I woke up with tightness in my lower back, so I tried to do a couple of squats and stretch things out.  I thought the heated seats would help to loosen things up on the way to work, but when I got out the car I had a tough time straightening up.  So, by lunch I had given up on doing the “15 minute Swings” I’d been doing every other day.

Lunch Time:

Tried a couple of swings but immediately called quits due to my back.

Attempted a few KB Windmills and they felt good, so did a few minutes of those with a 20#KB.

20#KB Side Presses x 5 per side x 5 sets.

Since the side presses use a similar position to the windmill, I had no problems doing them with my low back pain.  Just focused on slow movement and good contraction.


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