Alternating 1-Handed KB Swings Wed 29th

Changed things up a bit so I wouldn’t get bored with all the higher rep exercises I’ve been doing.  This brought the focus back into the workout.

Lunch Time Workout:

15 minutes total… as many sets/reps as possible…. resting as long as necessary between sets;
Alternating 20# KB 1-handed Swings x 20 reps  x 16 sets;
Total:   320 reps in 15 minutes.

It worked out that I was able to do about 20 reps in roughly 30 seconds then rest and setup for the next set in the following 30 seconds.  In the final minute, I doubled up and completed 40 continuous reps.  It all felt pretty easy for the first 200 reps, but then grew increasingly harder.  There was an additional level of concentration by switching hand to hand on every rep.  On some reps I would hesitate on the exchange because I haven’t been doing them like this before, making the transfer a bit rough.


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