Romanian Deadlifts, Intermittent Fasting, Barefoot Lifting

Been giving my back plenty of rest, stretching, and foam roller work.  For some reason, hardstyle KB swings did a real number on my lower back.  Will probably resume 1-handed swings and snatches that aren’t “hard style” since the tension and pain is almost gone.  Even so, wasted a prime week that I could have been doing some intense KB work.  I’m too old to be doing things/styles that interfere with my ability to move and function pain-free.  Next week I’ll be in and out of the classroom, so Lunch time workouts may be non-existent or abbreviated.

Today I wanted to dabble in something with a bit of weight to it while waiting for some laundry to finish.  I opted to do this at the end of an Intermittent Fast (16hrs) to see how it would feel.  Definitely was feeling very good at the beginning of the lifts… not hungry at all.

Romanian Deadlifts

125 x 5 x 2

215 x 3 x 2

265 x 1 x 3

295 x 1

315 x 1

Did this barefoot.  Not excessive weight or reps… just wanted to pull something heavy off the ground.  Felt great despite the 16hr fast.  Ate a Paleo lunch afterwards despite not feeling hungry nor drained.

A few hours later my feet were a bit sore, but I wouldn’t say “strained”.  Could tell I’d done something though.


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