Sunday Activities 7/10

Sunday was a nice mix of activities.  After cutting and dragging limbs around the yard, I mowed the grass.  The “fun” part was reaching the push mower over the steep ditch and mowing down the jungle in front of the house.  I treated it a bit like a high intensity workout with 1-arm rows… a few with this arm and a few with that.

Later, Penny and I loaded up our bikes and went out to East Fork State Park to ride and also scope out some low traffic roads that we can ride together in the future.  The “highlight” was the 100 ft drop in elevation from the top of the plateau to the boat ramp and then a climb back up.  Penny powered up it, but I tend to “hamster wheel” it in low gear.  My cardio endurance seems better than my strength endurance although neither are all that great.  It was a nice 8 mile ride though.  I expect we’ll be doing more of the roads around the State Park the next time, if we start earlier before sunset.

Since I’m doing a fairly low carb diet and trying to fuel more from fats than carbs, I’m curious if that effects my strength endurance vs my cardio endurance.  (I know they aren’t truly separate items, but rather points along a continuum.)  I didn’t have any issues when I was deadlifting on Saturday, but those exertions were only a few reps at a time versus trying to power up hills in “big” gears.  Even without a lot of hill practice, I wasn’t gasping and trying to die in “high RPM” cardio mode like I would have been a couple of years ago.  I likely attribute that to the high rep kettlebell work and rowing sprints I’ve done recently.


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