KB Complex (Swings, High Pull, Snatches, and Front Squat) Mon 7/11

Hurdler stretches, KB Windmills, Potato Squats

Lunch Time Workout:

10 minutes total… as many sets/reps as possible…. resting as long as necessary between sets;
35# KB Complex (Swing, High Pull, Snatch, & Front Squat) x 5 reps/side x 4 sets;
Total:   120 reps in 10 minutes.

The complex was one continuous rep of a swing, HP, Snatch, with the KB lowered to the rack position, then a Front Squat.  It took me a lot of concentration to remember what movement I was doing next and what rep I was on.  The high pull and the 35# KB really taxed my grip by the end of the 10 minutes, especially with my left hand.  My forearms are mush right now as a I cool down from the workout.

Evening Workout:

5.5 mile cycling Hill climb workout.  Compounded by the extreme heat advisory.  Quite hot and misery inducing.


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