150 KB Snatches Mon Aug 1st

Warmup: Air Squats, Halos, hurdler stretches, 1-handed swings;

Lunch Time Workout:

10 minutes total… as many sets/reps as possible…. resting as long as necessary between sets;
35# KB Snatch x 150 reps (alternating 10 reps/side)

Total:   150 reps in 10 minutes.

I don’t think I’ve done this volume of snatches before, at least not with this weight, and my forearms are toast.  They seem to be more of the limiting factor than my cardio.

We’re in the last month of our 12 week weight-loss, so I’m in the home stretch of proving that some good fat loss can occur from trying to focus on high rep KB swings and snatches, while eating a clean diet (little/no sugar, breads, starches).  So far I’m leading the group of 7 guys with my weight loss percentage being almost double the closest competitor.  I want to finish strong and sustainable, so I’ve been encouraging the competitors as well…. with lots of trash talking, of course.  If I win, I’ll take the winnings and contribute to a charity.


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