Minimum Kettlebell Work Sun 7/30

A few hours after the cycling hill climb, I rolled around on the ground with the #25 KB and worked on some full Turkish Getups.  My legs were still a bit rubbery from the hill climb, so the 2nd half of the Getup was surprisingly tougher than usual.

Grabbed the 62# Kettlebell and did some Goblet squats.  Afterwards I managed some 1-handed swings with the 62 pounder and even snuck in a few snatches.  I tried it first on my right side and it went up pretty smartly, evoking a chuckle.   After a few test swings on the left side, I manage a snatch with that side also, but not as crisply.  Confident I could manage the weight of the bell, I did some successive snatches on each side, with a nice long pause at the top.  I need to get better at the drop because I was letting it jerk my arm a bit too much.  Spending more time with the 50# bell should help me work up to that better.


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