Explosive Movements (Sprints, Dynamic rope pulls, Barbell Snatch pulls)

Since explosive movements can be corollary or at least complimentary to fat loss, I figured it was high time to add some variety to my repertoire.  I’ve not attempted sprinting since I entered my 40’s, so I wasn’t really sure if my legs remembered that movement pattern.  Nevertheless, I strapped on my Vibram Five Fingered Trek footware and headed over the back hillside.  My first attempt was nothing more than a trot just to see if I could get both feet to leave the ground at the same time.  On the 5 subsequent attempts I applied more and more power and speed to the feet.  It felt a bit liberating to be propelling myself forward at something greater than a walk.  However, reality set in and on my 7th attempt I figured I better dial it back as I felt little “niggles” in my legs, so I more than trotted, but didn’t wholeheartedly sprint either.  Evenso, it felt pretty darned good…. even did a victory jog around the yard.  It’s interesting the proprioceptive difference between walking and running in the Vibrams on an uneven surface.

Hill “Sprints” x 7

Still riding that “endorph high”, I transitioned into dynamic rope pulls.  I did this by leaning back about 6o degrees from vertical and pulled sharply to allow the momentum of the pull to almost leave me vertical before falling back again.  Did 3 sets of 10.

Explosive Rope Pulls, 10 reps x 3

Not satisfied with that, I decided to do a few Barbell snatch pulls.  This however managed to irritate a nerve in my left shoulder that has felt “funny” all day after doing the high volume of KB Snatches yesterday.

Barbell Snatch Pulls 135# x 5 x 2

Took a couple of ibuprofen and am waiting to see “what kind of crippled” I’ll be in the morning.  LOL  In the meantime, I’ll roll on the floor with my foam roller and some KB armbars.


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