Monday Jan 30 More “Cardio”

Kinda missing the kettlebells and barbell movements, but my back has been very tight and sore….. the long sits on a 90+ minute commute aren’t helping either.  Aside from some brief Grok Squats, haven’t been doing anything additional.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll more actively try to rehab the sore back… just hoped it would dissipate on it’s own.   Looking to the past week, I can see a chain of events that probably lead to the back strain, not just the KB deadlifts that seemed to be the final straw.

Monday Evening:

Was craving some movement and my back was killing me on the couch.

Elliptical: 5 minutes…. first half easy, 2nd half moderately aggressive

Rowing: 5 minutes… 960 meters…. mostly easy, last minute more aggressive

Recumbent Bike: 5 minutes easy


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