Progress Feb 5th to Feb 11th

Feb 5th

Squat 3×5 @215; (15# below seminar deload)

Press 3×5 @135; 1 Plate!!

Deadlift 1×5 @315; 3 Plate!!! Still using double overhand hook grip; straps may be in my future though because I don’t care for mixed grip.

Started greasing the groove on Chin Ups. I’ve gained 15 lbs since I started SS Progression and haven’t done chinups in a long while…. gotta lotta work to do.

BW 240 lbs; 6’2″; age 51

14th Session after seminar deload…

Two mini milestones tonight on my slow barbell progression. Overhead Press 5RM with 1 plate; Deadlift 5RM with 3 Plates.
The best part? I didn’t have to watch almost the entire first half of the Super Bowl.

Feb 7th

Squat 3×5 @225; (5# below seminar deload)

Bench 3×5 @185;

Greasing the groove on Chin Ups. Several sets of “fat man pullups” under the barbell, then incrementally harder ring rows sets. 40 total reps.
BW 242 lbs; 6’2″; age 51

15th Session after seminar deload…

Back to two plates on the Squat, where I was just over a month ago before the deload after the Squat Seminar.

Feb 9th

Squat 3×5 @230; (back to top weight pre-seminar… feels lighter this time around… however to get the bodyweight squat, I seem to be chasing my bodyweight gains simultaneously)

Press 3×5 @140; (I think Presses may be the most intense isometric contraction that the glutes see… but the squeeze does get that weight up!)

Deadlift 1×5 @325; (The Pull was a grind. It’s my last pull in the next 9 days until I get back from traveling though).

BW 243 lbs; 6’2″; age 51

I am feeling a bit toasted since the past month I’ve worked out every two days and performed deadlifts every workout as well, except the last one. A week away from the barbell may do me good.

Feb 11th

Squat 3×5 @235;

Bench 3×5 @190;

BW 243 lbs; 6’2″; age 51

Last workout until next Saturday when I get back from traveling. Will be a nice break.


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