<circa 2009>Just a middle aged guy and former high school band geek that now enjoys outdoor activities (cycling, diving, hiking etc) and having fun .  My Quest for Fitness is part of that journey to prepare me for what lies out there and keep me functionally active into old age! 🙂

Our physical exercise is varied, and purposely so.  I get bored easily doing the same routine over and over, so rather than just quit and become inactive, we do lots of varied things.  Cycling… sometimes for exercise/workout, but mostly for the recreation of it.  Mountain Biking when we can… lots of fun, and physical in a very different way than road cycling.  Lite CrossFit…. the varied workouts focus on general physical preparedness.  Olympic Weightlifting… because it’s fun, technical, a good workout for explosiveness and even flexibility.  Kettlebells… because I’ve seen benefits to my “yanky” shoulders.  Hiking, scuba, and whatever else we can come up with to keep physically active many times per week…. it’s all better for me than sitting and morphing into the couch!

[Edit: 2017]  Now fighting the battle with sarcopenia and muscular atrophy.  Using Starting Strength and equivalent barbell programs in quest to compress my morbidity, extending my quality of life until I can’t.


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  1. ddLynn said,

    January 31, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Band geek? I married one of those myself! 😉 Matt and I are both back into the swing of getting into shape. Ah, it feels so good! WIll be checking in on you for some motivation and ideas. So, glad not to be “morphing into the couch”.

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