Benchmark Workouts 2017

1RM Goals (Starting/Current/Target) (2/12/2017)

Deadlift (135 /387/405)

Back Squat (85 /280/315)

Bench Press (65 /226/275)

Press (45 /167/ 185)

Power Clean (45 /115 /150)

Pullups (1/1/5)

Creeping up on 52 and coming back after a three year layoff from any lifting or structured exercise.  Goal is to be disciplined, consistent, and injury free.  Strength gain is secondary.

2017 Benchmark Workout


Clean, Power 1RM
Clean, Power 5RM,

Deadlift 1RM,
Deadlift 5RM, ,

Press, Bench 1RM
Press, Bench 5RM, ,

Press, Shoulder 1RM
Press, Shoulder 5RM,

Squat, Lower Back 1RM,
Squat, Lower Back 5RM,

Chinups, Max in a Row
Pullups, Max in a Row
Ring Pullups, Max in a Row

Row, 250m
Row, 500m
Row, 1000m
Row, 5:00 minutes
Row, 2000m
Row, 5000m
Row, 10000m

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