Mon 3/26 A Day at the Gym

walking 3.8 km

25# Kettlebell Windmill x 3/side
Overhead Squats, 20kg,  x 5
Row, 500 meters
Tabata Interval, 25# Kettlebell Snatch, 4 minutes, 8 intervals
25# Kettlebell Armbar x 3/side
1/2 KB Turkish Getup x 5/side
Overhead Squat, 30kg, x 5
Overhead Squat, 60kg x 5

That brings the walking total to at least: 51.1km/31.8 miles

Sun/Mon: 4.6km
Tues: 8.8km
Wed: 3.8km
Thu: 3.8km
Fri: 8.8km
Sat: 11.5km
Sun: 6.0km
Mon 3.8km



Exercise Chipper (Just throw it in and do it!)

500m Row, 2:53;

50# KB Press x5 per side (with 5 second negative);

Rope Pulls x 4 (Standing, lowering to Horizontal, pulling to Standing as 1 rep);

500m Row, 2:15;

Climbing ladder and gutter cleaning.

Hauling and burning scrap wood.

Rowing, Deadlifts, and KB OHS

250m Row, 1:29,
Barbell Deadlifts 255# x 4,
500m Row, 2:41,
Barbell Deadlifts 235# x 4,
1000m Row, 4:54,
Barbell Deadlifts 185# x 4,
KB Overhead Squat, 35# x 3/side

Rowing, Chinups, & Ball Slams

250m Row, 1:08

Ring Chinups (false grip) x 5

500m Row, 2:09

14# Ball Slams x 20

250m Row, 1:22

It seems that in the past few weeks when I start going anaerobic, my lungs have a strange burning to them.  I’ve been out of breathe before but never had this kind of burning.  Once I start to catch my breath, the  burning dissipates.  Not sure if this is left over from a couple of bouts with chest congestion this year; the lack of sprinting activities this year; or a combination of both.  I’ve got an annual doctor appointment coming up in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see if he hears anything unusual then.

Also experiencing a bit of elbow discomfort, mostly in the right elbow.  Some of it might be the chinups and ball slams, but some could be all the weights, boxes and tubs I’ve been carrying this week.  Nothing serious at this point, but just listening to my body.  I’ve certainly done myself grief before by ignoring stuff like this.

Drop Snatch and Overhead Squat Practice


250m Row
10 GHD Situps
10 GHD Back Extensions
10 Incline Pushups
10 Chinups (Black Band)
10 Air Squats
250m Row


Snatch Drop
35# x 3 x 2

Snatch Drop + 3 Overhead Squats
35# x 2 (e.g. 2 Snatch Drops and 6 OHS)
45# x 2
55# x 2

Snatch Drop + 1 Overhead Squat
65# x 2
(on the third attempt I wasn’t focusing nor tight, so the weight started falling forward.  Instead of dropping it, I caught it and “muscled” it down… resulted in mild shoulder strain… brain fart… I’m an idiot… stopped the barbell workout at that point)

500m Row 1:51

Push Press, Pullups, and GHD Situps


250m x 4 with 30 second rest intervals
Burgener Warmup
Ring Rows
Shoulder Press

21 reps Push Press #45
21 reps Green Band pullups
21 reps GHD situps

Total Time: 2:24

10 Horizontal ring rows (Lay on back and pull chest up to rings)

500m Row 1:58

10 reps Overhead Squats 25# Barbell

500m Rows

We were hoping to get out and do some cycling tonight, but by late afternoon the winds had picked up a lot and the recent 90F temps were causing thunderstorms to start exploding all over the place…. so, we opted for some high intensity rowing instead.

2 rounds
250m Row, 10 GHD Back Ext, 10 GHD situps, 10 pushups, 10 pullups, 10 squats

500m Row Sprints
Penny: 1:52, 1:59, 2:08
Bob: 1:43, 1:44, 2:01, 2:00

We both were gassed and shaking when we got done, but I had enough energy to joke about doing one more round. Penny had just enough left to give me a gesture with her hand! I think it was her way of saying “You’re number one!!” 🙂

500m Rowing Intervals

Needed something with intensity after I did some dead hang pullups, and muscleup progressions.

3 rounds
500m row (2:18, 2:15, 2:10)
1 minute rest

Total: 6:44

Full Day of Working Out and Cycling, including the WOD Nancy


Easy 1K Row
Rotator cuff and shrug exercises suggested by doc
Dead Hang chinups (using blue band).


17.5 mile Bike Ride from Kingsview Industrial Park to Loveland and back.
Time:  1hr 20min
A full accounting of our ride is in our Great Adventure Blog

Iced my right shoulder after cycling to reduce inflammation.


Warmup:  abmat situps &  supermans for back extentions, overhead squats with PVC, 250m Row, dead hang chinups on rings with blue band, kipping pullups on ring with blue band, handstand pushups with black & blue bands

WOD called Nancy (scaled)
(3 Rounds of 15 Squats & 500m row)
Bob 12:50 (95# Back Squats, 500m row)
Penny 10:30 (20# Overhead Squats, 500m row)

I couldn’t do a single overhead squat with anything but a pvc pipe.  Even with the 20# barbell, there was too much strain on my lower back as I started the squat due to my lack of flexibility yet (I pitch the overhead bar too far forward since I can’t keep my back upright enough in the squat and this strains my back trying to compensate).  Therefore, I opted for a back squat and did the Rx’d weight of 95# to make sure my hip flexors got the full impact of the workout.  I may need to start working with either a pvc pipe filled with sand or try using my old curling bar or light dumbells until I can do an overhead squat with some amount of weight and build from there.

Iced my right shoulder after the workout to reduce inflammation.

Nicole (Pullups, Row)

Yesterday I installed a pullup bar (1″ rigid conduit) in the basement rafters just in time for today’s workout named Nicole. The bar was slipperier than shit, so I used some Gorilla tape on the bar… excellent grip now!!

20 Minutes (As many rounds as possible)

Max Pullups per round
500m Row

3, 3, 4, 6, 5, 6
Total 27

At the beginning, I couldn’t buy a kip to save my life.  That week and a half without access to a pullup bar did me no favors (the ring rows don’t help with the timing of a kipping pullup).  But on the positive side, by the end I had beat and tied my previous best pullups (5) in a row 3 times…. oh… and I got lots of rowing practice {roll eyes}. It was definitely different working out early in the morning, but the timing worked out well for me.

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