Pullups and Ball Slams and miscellaneous fun

Main focus was pullups/chinups and ball slams.  All others were to complete miscellaneous quests on Fitocracy.

  • Body Weight Ring Row:
    • 5 reps (+11 pts)
    • 5 reps (+11 pts)
    • 5 reps (+11 pts)
  • Chin-Up:
    • 10 reps || assisted || 25 lb (+61 pts)
    • blue band
  • Parallel-Grip Pull-Up:
    • 10 reps || assisted || 25 lb (+75 pts)
    • blue band
  • Wide-Grip Pull-Up:
    • 5 reps || assisted || 25 lb (+30 pts)
    • blue band
  • Pull-Up:
    • 10 reps || assisted || 25 lb (+65 pts)
    • blue band
  • Ball Slams:
    • 20 slams || 14 lb (+49 pts)
    • 20 slams || 14 lb (+49 pts)
  • Plank:
    • 310 sec (+100 pts)
  • Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press:
    • 20 lb x 10 reps (+26 pts)
  • Cable Rope Rear-Delt Rows:
    • 15 lb x 10 reps (+8 pts)
  • Restorative Yoga:
    • 0:20:00 (+60 pts)

Ball Slams and Kettlebell Swings

#20 KB Windmills x 3/side;

Ring Pullups x 3;

14# Ball Slams x 60;

50# KB 2-handed Swings x 20;

35# KB 1-handed Swings x 10/side

KB Windmills, Shoulder Press, and Ball Slams

KB Windmill
15# x 3 per side
20# x 3 per side

KB Shoulder Press
25# x 5 per side x 2 sets
35# x 5 per side x 2 sets
50# x 5 per side x 1 set

KB Push Press
50# x 3 per side with 5 second negative

Total Presses: 56

Medicine Ball Slam
14# x 20, 60 second rest
14# x 20

Rowing, Chinups, & Ball Slams

250m Row, 1:08

Ring Chinups (false grip) x 5

500m Row, 2:09

14# Ball Slams x 20

250m Row, 1:22

It seems that in the past few weeks when I start going anaerobic, my lungs have a strange burning to them.  I’ve been out of breathe before but never had this kind of burning.  Once I start to catch my breath, the  burning dissipates.  Not sure if this is left over from a couple of bouts with chest congestion this year; the lack of sprinting activities this year; or a combination of both.  I’ve got an annual doctor appointment coming up in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see if he hears anything unusual then.

Also experiencing a bit of elbow discomfort, mostly in the right elbow.  Some of it might be the chinups and ball slams, but some could be all the weights, boxes and tubs I’ve been carrying this week.  Nothing serious at this point, but just listening to my body.  I’ve certainly done myself grief before by ignoring stuff like this.

Kettlebell Challenge Week 2 Day 1 and Ball Slams

Kettlebell Skills Development:

15# Turkish Getup (TGU), 3/side x 3, 60 second rest between sets

25# High Pulls 10 x 3, 30 second rest between sets

25# Push Press, 5/side x 3, 60 second rest between sets


20# TGU, x3/side
35# High Pull x10
35# Push Press x5/side
Time: 2:50

14# Ball Slams x 10 x 3, 30 seconds rest between sets
Time: 2:35 (including rest)

I picked up a couple of more kettlebells today (15#, 20#) to add to my collection.  Now I have a 10, 15, 20, 25, 35, 50.  This gives me better fine tuning in the lower weight range and Penny is happier that she’ll have something to work with instead of jumping from 10# to 25#.  I was hoping to get a 70# for KB Swings, but they didn’t have anything bigger than the 50# I already had, but it will work for now.

Kettlebell Challenge: Week 1 Day 2 and Ball Slams

Week 1 Day 2 of Coach Izzy’s 5 week Kettlebell Workout


1000m Row 4:15 (it was a warmup, but still one of my fastest 1K Row time)

Skills Mastery Workout:

KB Push Press 50#
6/side  x 10 x 3, 60 second rest between sets

KB High Pull 50#
10 x 3, 60 second rest between sets
25# x 5 per side

KB Turkish Getup 25#

KB Windmill 25#

Intensity Workout: Ball Slams

60 seconds, as many reps as possible
45 slams using 14# ball

Got a couple of new fitness items delivered today from my favorite online fitness candy store, Rogue Fitness in Columbus, OH…love that they have so many “made in the USA” products .  Anyway, got a 14# Medicine ball used for ball slams on the floor, and a 12# Medicine ball used for “Wall balls” and thrown at a target 10-15 ft high (or back and forth with a partner).  The ball I got for the ball slams was the wrong diameter.  I meant to get an 8-9″, but got a 14″ instead.  I used it anyway in the workout tonight.  It should be fine, just not able to throw it at the higher velocity, but it may not matter much for an old slow guy like me… LOL

Tomorrow I have to drive up to Northern Ohio to travel around on sales calls with the sales person in that territory.  I was going to take a KB with me, but I have a feeling after the ball slams I might need a rest day before continuing… LOL