KB Complex (Swings, High Pull, Snatches, and Front Squat) Mon 7/11

Hurdler stretches, KB Windmills, Potato Squats

Lunch Time Workout:

10 minutes total… as many sets/reps as possible…. resting as long as necessary between sets;
35# KB Complex (Swing, High Pull, Snatch, & Front Squat) x 5 reps/side x 4 sets;
Total:   120 reps in 10 minutes.

The complex was one continuous rep of a swing, HP, Snatch, with the KB lowered to the rack position, then a Front Squat.  It took me a lot of concentration to remember what movement I was doing next and what rep I was on.  The high pull and the 35# KB really taxed my grip by the end of the 10 minutes, especially with my left hand.  My forearms are mush right now as a I cool down from the workout.

Evening Workout:

5.5 mile cycling Hill climb workout.  Compounded by the extreme heat advisory.  Quite hot and misery inducing.


Cycling: My First Cat5 Climb

Today I’d been thinking about doing a 5k or 10k row…. something long and grueling.  It was a such a nice evening out though that I opted to cycle my first ever Hill Loop near our new home.  I driven this 4.75 mile loop a few times and it can be daunting to even drive.  Essentially it goes from the top of the plateau to down pretty close to the elevation of the Ohio River.

Rather than start from the house (on the plateau), I drove my bike down to the bottom and start the ascent portion first.  Since I’ve never tackled a hill of this magnitude, I wanted the “wimp out option” of being able to turn around and coast down the hill should I totally bonk.

The bottom of the hill is around 530ft and the top is around 890ft, so I had a 360ft gain, most of that in the 1.5 mile STEEP ASS ascent.  Okay… this isn’t the Tour deFrance, but it was Mt Everest to me!  I’m not very far back into my cardio rebuilding and this had my heart jumping so far out of my chest that I thought it might rip my shirt.

As I passed the house at the top, I almost pulled in the driveway and had Penny drive me back down to the vehicle, but then I might have missed the “thrill ride” down.  I wasn’t sure my brakes were going to hold out, but it was a real scream!

The nice part is I did this with a steel touring bike (Surly Long Haul Trucker), so I had to drag a lot of weight up the hill.  I will sleep well tonight!

My new Hill of Death

12 miles of Rollers and a moderately steep climb

12 miles; 40 minutes.

Legs really got toasted tonight on that first big ascent.  Need to take a rest day tomorrow.

Another Short Intense Bike Ride

Tonight we parked on the top of the “Hill of Death” and did the trail to Lebanon, along with the medium hill climbs and rollers through the Industrial Park.  Nice Intense workout and good competition with Penny!

10 Miles; 18mph average; 34mph max

Short Intense Bike Ride

Haven’t been feeling myself for the past few days…. heavy bruising and back twinges.  Loading and Unloading training equipment for work today didn’t help.  But I just didn’t feel like sitting around all evening, so we went for a short 6 mile road ride…. some nice rollers with a couple of good moderate hills.  Despite the hills, we kept the average pace at over 17 mph, and just coasted down the hills, so the average speed wasn’t padded much (max speed 24mph).

When I hit the hills, I didn’t change gears, but instead forced myself out of the saddle to power over the top.  This help toast my quads pretty fast, but in a good way.

Lately, we’ve OD’d with LSD on our LHT’s… or we’ve been doing entirely too much “long slow distance” mileage on our touring bikes on the relatively flat rail trails.  I’ll never get my legs any stronger like that, so this short intense rolling hill workout was just the ticket we needed for a change of pace!!  Also… I think I finally have my Black B17 saddle dialed in nicely.  I road without any padded shorts… just compression shorts and gym shorts….. NICE!!

Here’s to “Rockin’ the Rollers!”


1hr 20min of cycling.  Toggled between high cadence (easy gears) and high effort (hard gears) to hit some aerobic, then muscle strength.  Even threw in a big hill for good measure.

Cycling Hill Climb and Sprints

Finally conquered my personal “Hill of Death”.  It’s a hill that rises 125ft in 1/4 mile… about a 9.5% grade.  For this flat-lander, that’s a lot of hill, and I’ve been battling it mentally for 14 months.  I’ve only tried it a handful of times, but it has weighed on my mind and influences my route whenever I think about going that direction.

By using my lowest gear on my heavy touring bike, I was able to use cardio effort rather than “toast” my legs trying to muscle up the hill.

We also did a 15 mile ride out and back to Morrow, doing some Sprints and in general, pushing these heavier bikes harder than we would if they were loaded with touring gear.

Great workout and plenty tired, but enjoying the feeling of success!!