Cycling Tabata Sprints

Tabata Intervals using the bike on the trainer.

Cycling 6 minutes, 1.3 miles

Cycling 20 sec max effort, 10 sec rest
Repeat for 4 minutes (8 intervals)

Total: 1.7 miles, 35mph max, 25mph average

Nothing like the smell of burning rubber and toasted quads in the evening!!! (maybe I should have added air to the bike tires!!)


Cycling Sprints


10 minutes Cycling with bike on trainer (in Mountain Mode)


5 minutes Cycling sprint intervals (in Mountain Mode)


Cycling on the trainer set in “Mountain Mode”


Easy Cycling 15 minutes; 3.25 miles; 12mph average


Sprint Intervals in Mountain Mode (hardest setting)
Hard cycling 4 minutes; 1.2 miles; 18mph ave; 26mph

Mountain Mode sucks!!!

Cycling Sprint Training

Nice 15 minute warmup at low speed (10-12mph), high cadence 90+.

Started with 10 second sprint bursts (25+mph; 120+rpms); 10 seconds rest
Did that for 6 cycles.

Max’d out gears and sustained 40+mph for 30 seconds

Idled back to 20-22mph and held that steady until my overall average MPH reached 15mph (including warmup).

Total: 22 minutes; 5.7 miles; 15.1mph ave; 41.3mph max (PR)

Cycling Hill Climb and Sprints

Finally conquered my personal “Hill of Death”.  It’s a hill that rises 125ft in 1/4 mile… about a 9.5% grade.  For this flat-lander, that’s a lot of hill, and I’ve been battling it mentally for 14 months.  I’ve only tried it a handful of times, but it has weighed on my mind and influences my route whenever I think about going that direction.

By using my lowest gear on my heavy touring bike, I was able to use cardio effort rather than “toast” my legs trying to muscle up the hill.

We also did a 15 mile ride out and back to Morrow, doing some Sprints and in general, pushing these heavier bikes harder than we would if they were loaded with touring gear.

Great workout and plenty tired, but enjoying the feeling of success!!

Varied intensity cycling

Took a 15 mile ride.  Rode at different intensities.  Easy Warmup, Fast Draft switching lead, Sprint/Coast intervals, Cool down.  Fun and varied!

Sprint Intervals and Short Duration Hill Climb

We were on the Mountain Bikes tonight while our road bikes are at the shop, so we toyed around with them and did some Sprint, Rest, Sprint, Rest type activities.  Road about 8.5 miles and at the end did our favorite “Hill of Death”.  Didn’t go all the way to the top, but wanted to finish toasting our quads and getting the heart rate up!