Fighting DOMs and trying a new Barbell rowing movement

  • Cycling:
    • 0:20:41 || 6.3 mi (+235 pts)
  • Running:
    • 0:02:53 || 0.6 mi (+115 pts)
  • Stretching:
    • 0:15:00 (+3 pts)
  • One-Arm Kettlebell Floor Press (KB Armbars and 1/4 TGU’s):
    • 15 lb x 6 reps (+23 pts)
    • 15 lb x 5 reps (+22 pts)
    • 15 lb x 5 reps (+22 pts)
  • Pendlay Row:
    • 65 lb x 5 reps (+30 pts)
    • 85 lb x 5 reps (+35 pts)
    • 85 lb x 5 reps (+35 pts)

Cycling Tabata Sprints

Tabata Intervals using the bike on the trainer.

Cycling 6 minutes, 1.3 miles

Cycling 20 sec max effort, 10 sec rest
Repeat for 4 minutes (8 intervals)

Total: 1.7 miles, 35mph max, 25mph average

Nothing like the smell of burning rubber and toasted quads in the evening!!! (maybe I should have added air to the bike tires!!)

Olympic Weightlifting Skills and Easy Cycling

Cycling on the Trainer (mountain mode), 30 minutes, 5.6 miles (just trying to make sure my butt doesn’t forget the saddle)


250m Row


Front Squats 5 x 3, 3 x 3 (mostly as a warmup) (gradually increasing weight)

Power Cleans from above the knee 4 x 3, 3 x 2, 2 x 2 weight incrementally up to 62.5kg (138lbs)

Power Cleans from Below the knee 4 x 3, 3 x 2, 2 x 2 weight incrementally up to 62.5kg (138lbs)

Back Squats 3 x 5, weight incrementally up to 80kg (176lbs)

Cycling, Kettlebells, and Rowing… Oh my!


15 minutes of Cycling with biked mounted on trainer (mountain mode)
3.1 miles, 12.3mph average, Focused on keeping cadence at 100rpm throughout


Kettlebell Swings 70lb x 30 reps
Time: 58 seconds

Rowing 250m
1:11 warmup
:43 sprint (tied PR)
1:20 cooldown

Felt good to get anaerobic and even tie a rowing PR after the KB swings!

Penny did a 1K Row, 4:14… just a few seconds off her PR

Cycling Sprints


10 minutes Cycling with bike on trainer (in Mountain Mode)


5 minutes Cycling sprint intervals (in Mountain Mode)


Cycling with the bike mounted on the trainer.

15 minutes, 3.82 miles, 15.2 mph average, 20.7mph max

Cycling Speed Test

Short ride on the bike just to keep my butt on the saddle, but it turned into a speed test instead.

2.39 miles; 10 minutes; 49.9 mph max.

First time I actually stood on the bike while it’s been mounted into the trainer.  Worked well!

Cycling on the Trainer and Pose Running

Shoulder Press

Air Squats

Cycling on the Trainer: 3.67 miles, 20 minutes, 11mph average.


My New Years Resolution is to begin running, so I figured I’d get a month early start.  I see the reports of some of you running and thought I’d try.

I’ve been reading about Pose running in the CrossFit Journals for the past year, but have been too dead set against running to give it a try.

Finally tonight I figured it was time to branch out, even if it was only baby steps.  After reviewing some video clips, I tried the Pose running for 400 meters.  The notes warned that the calves would get a nice work out from running on the balls of your feet, but my back isn’t jarred to death like it would be from the “heel strike” running.  Perhaps there’s something to this and a 5K in my future… LOL

Pose Running

Cycling Trainer and Tabata Intervals

Gearing 2:2 (2nd/middle chain ring, 2 lowest gear on cassette of 10)
5 minute Warmup 10mph
5 minute incremental increase to 15mph
Gear 2:7
5 minutes at 17mph
5 minutes Tabata Intervals (20s 22.5mph, 10s 16.5mph)

Gear 2:5
5 minute moderate cooldown 16mph

Total: 25 minutes, 6.84 miles, 16.4mph average

Olympic Lifting Skills


At Home:
Cycling with the bike on the trainer: 15 minutes

At the Gym:
Overhead Squat x 5
Good Morning x 5
Behind the neck press x 5
Back Squat x 5

Back Squat 55kg x 5; 65kg x 5; 75kg x 5
Kanga Squat (combination of Good Morning then an A$$T0Ground Squat) x 8 x 3
Power Snatches x 3 x 5
Transitional Deadlift (Mid Shin to Mid thigh) x 5 x 5

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