30 Mile Bike Ride

Picked another day with a heat advisory to ride bikes.  Instead of hills, we biked from Newtown to Loveland and back on the Little Miami Trail.

Nice 30 mile ride and a fair of amount of water consumed.



Took a 20 mile bike ride from Kingsview Industrial Park to Loveland and back on our touring bikes…. just keep loading them heavier.  Stopped in Loveland for coffee and conversation.  Average speed 12.5mph.  Nice way to discuss our housing options and outstanding bid scenarios!

Cycling & Kettlebells

Cycled 15 miles with the steel touring bikes.  Afterwards, my right shoulder was feeling a little tight, so I did a few kettlebells and then rever hypers for my lower back.

25# KB Swings x 10
25# KB Windmills x 3/side
Reverse Hypers x 5

Cycling out on the Little Miami Trail

We had a fortuitous break in the weather for January…. 50F and even a spot or two of sunshine…. so I threw the bike hitch back on and we loaded up to go over and ride on the Little Miami Trail.

Cycled 15 miles, 1:15, average pace was quite low, but leisurely.

Nice gentle ride… just out enjoying the wind in our face and the fresh sights after doing exercise indoors for the past few months.. even saw a deer and couple of small ani-mules.  There were over 20 cyclist out on the trail and road taking advantage of a rare January day suitable for riding.

I’ve got some serious DOMS in my hamstrings after the squats and cleans the other night.

20 Mile Night Riding

With the time change, it got dark at 5:30pm, so we planned a night ride.

Cycled 20 miles on the Touring bikes; 40 degrees, 10.5mph average.

Peaceful ride with a full moon!


After spending 6 hours in the car and 4 hours in meetings, I wasn’t real eager to load up the bikes, but Penny “talked” me in to it.

11 mile casual bike ride.  Penny got a little spunky on the 2nd half and wanted to stretch her legs, but I stayed in her draft, so I was riding “in a rocking chair”.  45 minutes; 13.3 mph average.


Cycled 14 miles to test some bike modifications.

Endurance Cycling

We loaded up gear on the touring bikes and did a 50 mile ride.  Took turns sprinting the last few miles.  Great workout!

Moderate Cycling

20 miles from Yellow Springs to Xenia and back.

Cycling Hill Climb and Sprints

Finally conquered my personal “Hill of Death”.  It’s a hill that rises 125ft in 1/4 mile… about a 9.5% grade.  For this flat-lander, that’s a lot of hill, and I’ve been battling it mentally for 14 months.  I’ve only tried it a handful of times, but it has weighed on my mind and influences my route whenever I think about going that direction.

By using my lowest gear on my heavy touring bike, I was able to use cardio effort rather than “toast” my legs trying to muscle up the hill.

We also did a 15 mile ride out and back to Morrow, doing some Sprints and in general, pushing these heavier bikes harder than we would if they were loaded with touring gear.

Great workout and plenty tired, but enjoying the feeling of success!!

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