Tuesday Jan 31 Tabata Sprints on Stationary Bike

It felt like time…. past time actually…. to do a Tabata Interval…. 20 Seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest…. rinse and repeat 8 times… that’s it… 4 minutes total of high intensity hell (3:40 when you subtract the eight rest intervals)…. piece of cake, right??  Well… I’ll let you know tomorrow when I have the energy to move… LOL

I read and copied an article on Tabata Intervals today that I posted on a couple of bulletin boards at work.  I felt compelled to take my own advice if I was going to encourage others to do the same.

Warmup:  10 minutes on the Elliptical machine

Workout: Tabata Intervals on the Stationary Bike; 4 minutes, 2 kilometers; Resistance level 8 of 20; Legs felt like leaden stumps on the 6th-8th intervals.

Cooldown: 3:30 slow pedal on Stationary Bike; Resistance level 1 of 20.

Want to know more about Tabata protocol?  Here’s some articles I’ve collected.


Monday Jan 30 More “Cardio”

Kinda missing the kettlebells and barbell movements, but my back has been very tight and sore….. the long sits on a 90+ minute commute aren’t helping either.  Aside from some brief Grok Squats, haven’t been doing anything additional.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll more actively try to rehab the sore back… just hoped it would dissipate on it’s own.   Looking to the past week, I can see a chain of events that probably lead to the back strain, not just the KB deadlifts that seemed to be the final straw.

Monday Evening:

Was craving some movement and my back was killing me on the couch.

Elliptical: 5 minutes…. first half easy, 2nd half moderately aggressive

Rowing: 5 minutes… 960 meters…. mostly easy, last minute more aggressive

Recumbent Bike: 5 minutes easy

Sunday Jan 29 “Traditional” Cardio

My back was still tight from tweaking it last week and from extracurricular activities on Saturday, so today just focused time on “cardio” equipment that had been accumulating dust in the basement.

Elliptical Machine 10:00 minutes

Recumbent Bike 1.25 miles

Elliptical Machine 5: 00 minutes

Felt good to get the breathing and heart rate up and get moving a bit, even if it wasn’t kettlebell or barbell related.

10K Elliptical

5 minute elliptical warmup
2 Rounds of:

Overhead Squats (10 reps)
Ring Rows (10 reps)

10K Elliptical
Time: 19:44 PR (Compare 1/17/09 @ 23:37)

Almost a 4 minute improvement from about a month ago.

Jan 17th

10K Run (on Elliptical)

Jan 14th

WOD Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Warmup Elliptical 15 minutes

First time trying OHS

Tried OHS without success…. too unstable.  Probably should have tried less weight, but instead held overhead position to work on stabilizer muscles

30sec, Rest, 30sec, Rest, 30sec, Rest, 30sec

Left Arm & Wrist went more and more numb/tingly with each 30 sec hold (?hand position or overhead position pinching a nerve?)

Finished with Air Squats to work on heal staying on floor.

10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Cooldown Recumbent Bike 15 minutes

Jan 13th

Elliptical Warmup 15:00 min

Workout for Speed/Time: 8:20 min
Power Clean 12 reps
Dips 20 reps
Power Clean 9 reps
Dips 15 reps
Power Clean 6 reps
Dips 10 reps
Power Clean 3 reps
Dips 5 reps

Indoor Rollers 5.33 miles (17:45 min)