Rowing, GHD situps and Hypers, Ring Rows, and Overhead Squats

5 minute Rowing warmup, 852 meters

Overhead Squats with PVC x 10

GHD Hyperextensions x 10

GHD situps x 10

Ring Rows x 10 (chest height)

5 minute Rowing, 1126 meters

135# Deadlift x 2

135# Romanian Deadlift x 10

15# Sumo Deadlift x 11



Kettlebells and Snatches

GHD Situps x 10
GHD Back Extensions x 10

25# KB Windmills 3/side
25# KB 2-hand swings x 10
25# KB Hand to Hand (toss) swings x 10

Overhead Squats (PVC) x 10

Hang Power Snatch
35# x 5
55# x 5
65# x 3
75# x 1
85# x 1
105# x 1

25# KB Windmills 3/side

Spending the last couple of months focused on Kettlebells has really “made” my shoulder stronger, maybe even better “balanced”. Considering I haven’t done Snatches during that time, I was surprised how easily it started coming back. Not wanting to push it, I stopped short of my previous PR of 125#. Felt good to be moving the barbell overhead and my shoulder felt really awesome.

Medium Intensity Exercising

Still coughing up plenty of phlegm, but needed some exercise after 8 hours of driving and 5 hours of meetings.

Medium Intensity Workout (brief rest between intervals)

GHD situps x15, 15 second rest
GHD back extensions x15, 15 second rest
Chinups (green band) x 20, 60 seconds rest
35# Front Squats x 10 (light bar for back posture control only)

Light Skill Development

5 minute Row: 1016 meters

Light Skill Development/Stretching:
10 Situps on the GHD Machine with strong focus on slow back bend as far as I could go.
10 Back Extensions into Hamstring Pulls on the GHD machine with a slight pause at the top of the hamstring pull.

2 Rounds:
10 Chinups with Black band (strongest) and very slow with full range of motion and chest to bar
10 Front Squats #65, (1/2″ pad under my heels) focus on correct hip/back position and upright chest

Finished up with some light KB windmills.

Kettlebell Windmills 10#, 3/side, slowly

Trying Kettlebell Windmills

Today wasn’t so much of a workout day as it was just an active rest day and a day to tinker with some new skills and work on stretches.

5 minute Row: 822 meters

GHD Situps with a nice long hanging stretch at the bottom before lifting back to the top

I’ve never tried Kettlebell Windmills before, so I watch the videos and read the drills.  While primarily aimed at the obliques/core area, I wanted to engage my shoulders through a range of motion.

My first attempt was with a 10# Kettlebell (KB) with 5 reps per side (left/right).  My shoulder had been tight and a bit achy prior to the attempt, but felt remarkably well after doing the skill!

Rowing for Moderate Intensity:
5 Minute row: 1081 meters

More KB Windmills with increasing weight:
25# KB, 3 reps/side.  This was more challenging than the 10#.
35# KB, 1 rep/side.  This was quite challenging and actually was a bit straining to my right shoulder.

GHD Back Extensions:
10 Reps, focused on a strong pull and pause at the top, lifting my torso well above parallel for a nice hamstring effort.

Achilles Stretches:
Continued working my tight achilles, particularly on the left side, to get better form/positioning at the bottom of the squat.

Potato squats with a 40# dumbell:
Strict attention to upright back position and angling the shins out over the toes.

I see that the KB windmills have some great potential as a shoulder warmup prior to Olympic Snatches or other shoulder-related lifts.  I just need to keep the weight light as I adjust to the new movement.