Thursday 12/1 Kettlebell Shoulder and Side Press

KB Shoulder Press
25# x 5/side
35# x 5/side
50# x 5/side

KB Push Press
62# x 3/side

KB Windmill
25# x 3/side

KB Side Press
25# x 3/side
35# x 3/side


KB Presses Wed Sept 7

Lunch time workout…. not as intense as some of those when I was in the weight loss contest, but need to keep moving and not drop the ball.

KB Presses, 35#, 50#, 62#

KB Front Squats and Goblet Squats

KB Windmills

KB Complex Tue Aug 9th

35# Goblet Squat x 5

62# Goblet Squat x 5

62# KB Complex (Clean, Front Squat, Push Press) x 3/side x 2

35# KB Circuit (5 Swings, 5 Snatch)/ side x 2

Total Reps: 86

KB Presses Fri Aug 5th

Warmup: Halos, squats, hurdler stretches, windmills

Lunch time workout:

20# KB Press x 5/side x 2 sets;
35# KB Press x 5/side x 2 sets;
62# KB Press x 3/side x 1 set;
62# KB Press x 2/side x 1 set;

62# KB Push Press x 3/side x 1 set;  Used slow negative (descent)

Kettlebell Snatches, Cleans and Push Presses

Lunch Time Quickie

Not much time to workout at lunch this week do to teaching class.  Snuck into my office to get a couple of movements.

#20 KB Halos

KB Snatch
20# x 5/side;
35# x 5/side.


Evening Commercial Quickie

50# KB Clean and Push Press x 5/side x 2

50# KB Snatch x 5/side

280 Reps (KB Swings, Renegade Rows, Push Presses)

20# KB Windmills x 4/side;
35# Potato Squats x 5.

Lunchtime Workout:

15 Minutes, (As Many Rounds As Possible)
35# 1-Hand KB Swings x 10/side,
20# KB Renegade Row x 5/side,
35# KB Push Press x 5/side.

Completed 6 Rounds + 20 Swings.

Total:  140 Swings + 60 Renegade Rows + 60 Push Presses = 280 Reps

Evening Workout:

10 Mile Bike ride around the nearby neighborhoods.

1-Handed and 2-Hand Swings, Push Presses Tue 28th

Lunch Time Workout:

20# KB 1-Handed Swings x 25 reps/side x 2 sets;
Total:   100 reps in 3:04 minutes.

35# KB 2-Handed Swing x 50 reps;
Total:   50 reps in 1:26 minutes.

35# KB Push Press x 10 reps/side x 1;
Total:   20 reps in 1:16 minutes.

Total Lunch Time Reps: 170

Kettlebell Chipper

Like a wood chipper, just chucking in one KB movement after another.

KB 1-handed swing 25# x 5/side;
KB Clean 25# x 5/side;

KB Clean 35# x 10/side;
KB Swings 25#, alternating hands x 20;
KB Figure 8’s between legs, 25# for 60 seconds;
KB Swings 35#, 2-handed for 60 seconds;
KB Push Press 35# x 10/side

Got to get more consistent with the KB Cleans and “taming the arc”.  Some are good and others are beating the crap out of my forearm.

KB Windmills, Shoulder Press, and Ball Slams

KB Windmill
15# x 3 per side
20# x 3 per side

KB Shoulder Press
25# x 5 per side x 2 sets
35# x 5 per side x 2 sets
50# x 5 per side x 1 set

KB Push Press
50# x 3 per side with 5 second negative

Total Presses: 56

Medicine Ball Slam
14# x 20, 60 second rest
14# x 20

Rowing and Barbell Snatch Movements

Rowing, 250m x 4 (2:49, 2:29, 2:11, 1:51)

Snatch Grip BTN, Push Press

Snatch Balance


50# Kettlebell Pushpress x 5 x 3 (per side)

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