Fighting DOMs and trying a new Barbell rowing movement

  • Cycling:
    • 0:20:41 || 6.3 mi (+235 pts)
  • Running:
    • 0:02:53 || 0.6 mi (+115 pts)
  • Stretching:
    • 0:15:00 (+3 pts)
  • One-Arm Kettlebell Floor Press (KB Armbars and 1/4 TGU’s):
    • 15 lb x 6 reps (+23 pts)
    • 15 lb x 5 reps (+22 pts)
    • 15 lb x 5 reps (+22 pts)
  • Pendlay Row:
    • 65 lb x 5 reps (+30 pts)
    • 85 lb x 5 reps (+35 pts)
    • 85 lb x 5 reps (+35 pts)

Mon 3/26 A Day at the Gym

walking 3.8 km

25# Kettlebell Windmill x 3/side
Overhead Squats, 20kg,  x 5
Row, 500 meters
Tabata Interval, 25# Kettlebell Snatch, 4 minutes, 8 intervals
25# Kettlebell Armbar x 3/side
1/2 KB Turkish Getup x 5/side
Overhead Squat, 30kg, x 5
Overhead Squat, 60kg x 5

That brings the walking total to at least: 51.1km/31.8 miles

Sun/Mon: 4.6km
Tues: 8.8km
Wed: 3.8km
Thu: 3.8km
Fri: 8.8km
Sat: 11.5km
Sun: 6.0km
Mon 3.8km


Arm bars and 1/2 Turkish Getups

5 sets;

25# KB Armbars x 5/side;
25# KB 1/2 Turkish Getups x 5/side;

Arm bars and 1/2 Turkish Getups

5 sets;

25# KB Armbars x 5/side;
25# KB 1/2 Turkish Getups x 5/side;

Turkish Getups, High Pulls, and Snatches

25# KB Armbars x 3/side,


25# KB 3/4 Turkish Getups x 5/side


25# KB Cleans x 3/side


25# KB OHS x 3/side


25# KB High Pulls x 10/side


25# KB Snatches x 15/side

Shoulder Stabilization

Shoulder Stabilization:

Kettlebell  Armbars, 35# x 3/side x 2 sets

Kettlebell 3/4  Turkish Getups, 35# x 2/side

Functional Work:
Continued installation of cement board on flooring (like doing a bunch of lunges).

Kettlebell Shoulder Work

Walked up 5 flights of stairs, walked back down, then jogged up 5 flights of stairs.  I think they keep a lower oxygen content in the stair wells. 😀

Kettlebell Armbars, 25# x 3/side x 2 sets;

Kettlebell Windmills, 25# x 3/side x 2 sets;

Kettlebell 3/4 Turkish Getup, 25# x 5/side, (30 second Yoga Cobra pose between sides);

Double Kettlebell Front Squats, 35# & 50#, x 5 x 2 sets (switched KB’s between sets)

Hodge Podge of skills

25# Kettlebell Arm bar (lay on your side with KB straight up in the air and rotate toward your chest); 3 per side;

25# Kettlebell Windmill x 3/side;

Loaded and unloaded scuba tanks (from storage unit to the garage at home);

50# Kettlebell potato squats (focus on upright back position at bottom of squat); 5 reps;

65# Barbell Snatch & two Overhead Squats x 5 sets;

I’ve not done a barbell snatch in months and never in my Vibrams Five Finger shoes, so I kept my weight light and my sets low.  I was able to grip the bar closer than I’ve ever done before in the snatch and OHS position, thanks I believe, to the kettlebell shoulder work I’ve been doing.   I used to grip all the way out at the end of the bar by the plate.  Now I can use the “normal” groove mark about 10 inches inside the plate…. NEVER been able to do that before!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

The VFF’s feel pretty good for barbell lifts.  I can tell without my weightlifting shoes that I still have ankle/shin flexibility issues to work on though.