Kettlebell Swings and Things

35# KB
Halo x 5 rotations per direction
Windmill x 3/side
2-Handed Swing x 10
1-Handed Swing x 10/side

50# KB
2-Handed Swing x 10
1-Handed Swing x 10/side

35# KB
High Pull x 10/side

50# KB
High Pull x 10/side

35# KB
Snatch x 10/side


More Kettlebells Snatches… in bunches!

Wanted to check my endurance on KB Snatches using a 25# bell.


Brisk walk down/up 5 floors of stairs.

Halo, 25# x 5/side;

Swing, 1-handed, 25# x 15/side;

High Pulls, 25# x 5/side x 2 sets

KB Snatch, 25#  x 15/side, 60 second rest;
KB Snatch, 25# x 15/side, 60 second rest;
KB Snatch, 25# x 10/side, 60 second rest;
KB Snatch, 25# x 15/side.

Total: 100 Snatches!!

My forearms started cramping in the last set despite trying to loosen my grip.  This also cause me to bang my forearms on the final set.  Also, my arms aren’t coming back even with my ear, so I still need to work on flexibility in my shoulders.  All in All, I wasn’t too winded at the end, but I could tell I’d done a few reps… and could have left a sweat angel on the carpet.

Probably need to hold off trying any snatches for a few days or more…. not sure what kind of overuse injuries I could develop as I increase reps, but don’t want to find out the hard way either.

Double Kettlebell Swings

Dragged large branches from the woods for use in the firepit.

Double kettlebell swings, 20# & 15#, 15 reps, 4 sets.
(Alternated the kettlebells after each set… e.g. first set: LH-15#, RH-20#, second set: LH-20#, RH-15#)

Total 60 reps.

This was my first time of swinging 2 KB’s at the same time…. it was an interesting dynamic.

Kettlebell Movements

I’ve found every excuse to not exercise while in the motel this week.  After catching up on my sleep last night, I felt pretty good today after class, so I watched the Pavel Kettlebell DVD and did some KB exercises.

Loosened shoulders by rotating a kettlebell around my head in both directions a few times.

35# 2-hand KB Swing x 10 x 5 with 1 minute rest between sets

35# 1-handed KB Swing x 10/side x 2 with 1 minute rest between sets

Practiced KB Cleans.  #35 x 5/side x 2.

35# KB Press x 5/side x 3

35# KB Windmills x 3/side

Cycling & Kettlebells

Cycled 15 miles with the steel touring bikes.  Afterwards, my right shoulder was feeling a little tight, so I did a few kettlebells and then rever hypers for my lower back.

25# KB Swings x 10
25# KB Windmills x 3/side
Reverse Hypers x 5

Kettlebells and Snatches

GHD Situps x 10
GHD Back Extensions x 10

25# KB Windmills 3/side
25# KB 2-hand swings x 10
25# KB Hand to Hand (toss) swings x 10

Overhead Squats (PVC) x 10

Hang Power Snatch
35# x 5
55# x 5
65# x 3
75# x 1
85# x 1
105# x 1

25# KB Windmills 3/side

Spending the last couple of months focused on Kettlebells has really “made” my shoulder stronger, maybe even better “balanced”. Considering I haven’t done Snatches during that time, I was surprised how easily it started coming back. Not wanting to push it, I stopped short of my previous PR of 125#. Felt good to be moving the barbell overhead and my shoulder felt really awesome.

Kettlebell Movement Mixer

No chance for a hike tonight because I was meeting some students from class for dinner.  Fortunately I’d brought along a 20# KB this week to the motel, so I squeezed in a mix of Kettlebell movements before dinner.

20# KB Windmills, 3 per side

20# KB 2 hand Swings, 10

20# KB 1 hand swings, 10/side

20# KB Shoulder Press, 10/side

20# KB 2 hand Swings, 20

20# KB Windmills, 3/side

Nice way to get the blood pumping before a nice dinner of green vegetables and Salmon.

Miscellaneous Workout

20 Kettlebell Swings 25#

10 Shoulder Press, Snatch Grip Behind the neck, 45#

10 Shoulder Press, Clean Grip, 45#

Row 500 meters, 1:50

20 Chinups with Black band

5 Kipping Chinups (no assistance)


Penny did warmup Rowing, then 1000m Row.

Back Extensions, Situps, 20 Pullups (black band), Pushups


Jess did Back Extension, situps, 500m Row 2:22, 15 minutes cycling with the bike on the trainer.
It was great to have Jess (Penny’s daughter) join us for some cardio.