1000 meter row and windmills

Has it been this long since I’ve recorded anything? Means I’m probably not doing a good job of exercising!

Rowing 250 meters x 4;
Pacing: 2:45/500; 2:33/500; 2:11/500; 1:44/500

Forgot how nice

KB Windmills at lunch to stretch tight shoulders.  Started to get cramping in the lats, so it’s been too long since I’ve done this.


Mon 3/26 A Day at the Gym

walking 3.8 km

25# Kettlebell Windmill x 3/side
Overhead Squats, 20kg,  x 5
Row, 500 meters
Tabata Interval, 25# Kettlebell Snatch, 4 minutes, 8 intervals
25# Kettlebell Armbar x 3/side
1/2 KB Turkish Getup x 5/side
Overhead Squat, 30kg, x 5
Overhead Squat, 60kg x 5

That brings the walking total to at least: 51.1km/31.8 miles

Sun/Mon: 4.6km
Tues: 8.8km
Wed: 3.8km
Thu: 3.8km
Fri: 8.8km
Sat: 11.5km
Sun: 6.0km
Mon 3.8km


Monday Jan 23 Lunchtime Wakeup

Lunchtime 10 Minute Wakeup:

50# KB Front Squat

20# KB Windmill x 3/side

50# KB 1-handed swing x 5/side x 2 sets

50# KB Snatch x 5/side x 2 sets

Thur Dec 15 KB Bent Presses


35# KB Windmill x 3/side

35# KB Bent Press x 3/side

50# KB Bent Press x 3/side

62# KB Bent Press x 2/side


Focused on the slow isometric movement of the Bent Press.  Kept Lat tight and corkscrewed under the weight, standing up with the weight overhead, then lowered the weight back to the rack position.

Wed Dec 14 Kettlebell Snatches


30 second Grok Squat

ATG Squats (Bodyweight) x 5

35# KB Windmills x 2/side

5 Minute Timer: 35# KB Snatch x 5/side x 17 (85 reps)

I’d done 130 reps with 25# Sunday evening.  It was surprising how many fewer I did with 35#.  I took fewer/shorter breaks than Sunday, but my cadence was much slower with a very brief pause at the top.

Mon Dec 12th KB Windmills & Walk/Jog


KB Windmills
20#KB x 3/side
35#KB x 3/side
50#KB x 3/side
62#KB x 3/side

Walk/Jog (1 mile)
Walked 3/4 mile, Jogged 1/4 mile (to catch up with a co-worker)

Thursday Dec 8th Walk and Bent Presses


Had sore legs and glutes from the last couple of days, so went for a walk with a co-worker.  Afterwards, I did a few movements before returning to class.

Brisk Walk: 1.2 miles

35# KB Goblet Squat x 5

25# KB Windmill x 3/side

25# KB Bent Press x 5/side x 2

Thursday 12/1 Kettlebell Shoulder and Side Press

KB Shoulder Press
25# x 5/side
35# x 5/side
50# x 5/side

KB Push Press
62# x 3/side

KB Windmill
25# x 3/side

KB Side Press
25# x 3/side
35# x 3/side

KB Presses Wed Sept 7

Lunch time workout…. not as intense as some of those when I was in the weight loss contest, but need to keep moving and not drop the ball.

KB Presses, 35#, 50#, 62#

KB Front Squats and Goblet Squats

KB Windmills

KB Squats and Cleans Mon Aug 8th

35# Goblet Squats x 5 x 4

35# KB Cleans x 5/side x 1

62# KB Cleans x 5/side x 3

35# Windmill x 3/side

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