Kettlebell Challenge: Week 1 Day 2 and Ball Slams

Week 1 Day 2 of Coach Izzy’s 5 week Kettlebell Workout


1000m Row 4:15 (it was a warmup, but still one of my fastest 1K Row time)

Skills Mastery Workout:

KB Push Press 50#
6/side  x 10 x 3, 60 second rest between sets

KB High Pull 50#
10 x 3, 60 second rest between sets
25# x 5 per side

KB Turkish Getup 25#

KB Windmill 25#

Intensity Workout: Ball Slams

60 seconds, as many reps as possible
45 slams using 14# ball

Got a couple of new fitness items delivered today from my favorite online fitness candy store, Rogue Fitness in Columbus, OH…love that they have so many “made in the USA” products .  Anyway, got a 14# Medicine ball used for ball slams on the floor, and a 12# Medicine ball used for “Wall balls” and thrown at a target 10-15 ft high (or back and forth with a partner).  The ball I got for the ball slams was the wrong diameter.  I meant to get an 8-9″, but got a 14″ instead.  I used it anyway in the workout tonight.  It should be fine, just not able to throw it at the higher velocity, but it may not matter much for an old slow guy like me… LOL

Tomorrow I have to drive up to Northern Ohio to travel around on sales calls with the sales person in that territory.  I was going to take a KB with me, but I have a feeling after the ball slams I might need a rest day before continuing… LOL


Cycling, Kettlebells, and Rowing… Oh my!


15 minutes of Cycling with biked mounted on trainer (mountain mode)
3.1 miles, 12.3mph average, Focused on keeping cadence at 100rpm throughout


Kettlebell Swings 70lb x 30 reps
Time: 58 seconds

Rowing 250m
1:11 warmup
:43 sprint (tied PR)
1:20 cooldown

Felt good to get anaerobic and even tie a rowing PR after the KB swings!

Penny did a 1K Row, 4:14… just a few seconds off her PR

Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls tonight…. also attempted a couple light KB snatches, but it didn’t feel right.  I wasn’t catching it correctly at the top…. watched some more videos and will attempt more… tomorrow perhaps.

KB SDLHP’s:  40 reps… 2 sets of 20 each…. good hip snap and great cardio!

Power Cleans, Kettlebell Swings and Cleans

Penny worked on Power Cleans.  We did some video and review after each lift, which was instructive. I did her workout weight (65# & 95#) as warmup and then tried 145# since my form is starting to feel better.  This is about 85% of my 1RM, but felt much better than when I did it a few weeks ago.

One of the things that I was unhappy with after reviewing video yesterday, was my apparent rounding of the upper back.  With additional video and Penny coaching my back into position, I worked on a better back curve.

After we finished Power Cleans, I spent time working on Kettlebell Swings, transitioning from 2-hand to 1-hand swings, then hand-hand drills.  Finished up with one-arm KB cleans.

Kettlebells, Cleans

While in the Seattle area, we visited with a friend from Scubaboard, Coach Izzy.  He co-founded a Strength and Conditioning facility called Next Step Conditioning on Bainbridge Island, across Puget Sound from Seattle.  On a surprise visit to his place, Izzy took a look at some muscle tightness and shoulder issues I have, and started working some of them out.  He invited us to come back the day before we flew out to workout with him. His blog can be found at Next Step Conditioning blog.

Izzy has competed in Olympic lifting and does a lot of kettlebell work, so we had the opportunity to work on:

  • kettlebell high pulls
  • kettlebell swings (one and two handed)
  • kettlebell cleans
  • Barbell cleans

Not only was it a good workout after our hiking days, it was also good to work on new skills!  We were also able to help him in a small way…. we’d just purchased the World Class Coaching DVD’s a week or so earlier for the Snatch and the Clean, so we knew where the website had moved!  Now he can replace his VHS copies… lol!

Thanks Izzy!  It was great meeting you!

Row, Pullups, Kettlebell Swing

250m Row (easy) x3
Hip-Back extensions
Ring Rows
shoulder stretches

Today’s work (for me) was Helen-lite. (Helen is actually 3 rds of 400m run, 55# Kettlebell, and unassisted pullups)
3 rounds:
500m Row
21 Kettlebell swing (35#)
12 Pullups (assisted with green band, second strongest)

Time: 17:20

On the final round, managed to string all 12 pullups together in the final set with some semblance of a kipping rhythm. Partial redemption from yesterday’s “manslaughter by barbie” that I received.

Also, fortunately no cameras were rolling when the green band slipped off my foot and I tried to use it as a thong. Is it a bad thing when you can hear the laughter over the music? lol Sounds like they will be making me graduate to the next lighter band (blue) next time… apparently I didn’t sand bag well enough!


Jan 30th

Chipped Ice
Rings (Miscellaneous)

Recumbent 15 minutes

Two Arm Swings (Russian)
Turkish Getups

Elliptical 15 minutes

Jan 20th

Jump Rope 20 seconds, 8 cycles

Walking Lunges with Kettlebell

Russian Kettlebell Swings

Squat Thrusts with Kettlebell