Mon 3/26 A Day at the Gym

walking 3.8 km

25# Kettlebell Windmill x 3/side
Overhead Squats, 20kg,  x 5
Row, 500 meters
Tabata Interval, 25# Kettlebell Snatch, 4 minutes, 8 intervals
25# Kettlebell Armbar x 3/side
1/2 KB Turkish Getup x 5/side
Overhead Squat, 30kg, x 5
Overhead Squat, 60kg x 5

That brings the walking total to at least: 51.1km/31.8 miles

Sun/Mon: 4.6km
Tues: 8.8km
Wed: 3.8km
Thu: 3.8km
Fri: 8.8km
Sat: 11.5km
Sun: 6.0km
Mon 3.8km



Hodge Podge of skills

25# Kettlebell Arm bar (lay on your side with KB straight up in the air and rotate toward your chest); 3 per side;

25# Kettlebell Windmill x 3/side;

Loaded and unloaded scuba tanks (from storage unit to the garage at home);

50# Kettlebell potato squats (focus on upright back position at bottom of squat); 5 reps;

65# Barbell Snatch & two Overhead Squats x 5 sets;

I’ve not done a barbell snatch in months and never in my Vibrams Five Finger shoes, so I kept my weight light and my sets low.  I was able to grip the bar closer than I’ve ever done before in the snatch and OHS position, thanks I believe, to the kettlebell shoulder work I’ve been doing.   I used to grip all the way out at the end of the bar by the plate.  Now I can use the “normal” groove mark about 10 inches inside the plate…. NEVER been able to do that before!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

The VFF’s feel pretty good for barbell lifts.  I can tell without my weightlifting shoes that I still have ankle/shin flexibility issues to work on though.

Drop Snatch and Overhead Squat Practice


250m Row
10 GHD Situps
10 GHD Back Extensions
10 Incline Pushups
10 Chinups (Black Band)
10 Air Squats
250m Row


Snatch Drop
35# x 3 x 2

Snatch Drop + 3 Overhead Squats
35# x 2 (e.g. 2 Snatch Drops and 6 OHS)
45# x 2
55# x 2

Snatch Drop + 1 Overhead Squat
65# x 2
(on the third attempt I wasn’t focusing nor tight, so the weight started falling forward.  Instead of dropping it, I caught it and “muscled” it down… resulted in mild shoulder strain… brain fart… I’m an idiot… stopped the barbell workout at that point)

500m Row 1:51

Olympic Weightlifting Skills


5 minute Row: 866 meters

Kettlebell Windmill 3/side, 10# (great job of loosening tight shoulders)


Behind the Neck Press, Snatch Grip 5 x 3

Overhead Squat 5 x 5

Snatch Balance 3 x 2

Drop Snatch 3 x 2

High Hang Snatch 3 x 5 (Bar at waist, approx 1/4 dip and drive)

Hang Power Snatch 2 x 5 (lower bar to just above knees) + 2 Overhead Squats per set

Focus mostly on explosive jump to elevate the bar overhead.

Olympic Weightlifting Skills


10 minute Row: 1820 meters (I covered the monitor and just rowed until the timer went off so that I wouldn’t get competitive… lol)


Behind the Neck Press, Snatch Grip 5 x 3

Overhead Squat 7 x 5

Front Squat 7 x 5 (Coach is drilling me hard on upright back positioning in the Front Squat and Overhead Squat)

Hang Power Snatch 4 x 5

Hang Power Clean 4 x 1 (Back had taken too much pounding and I was out of gas after the Front Squats, so I called it a night).

Penny went on to finish 3 more sets of the Power Cleans and then a couple of sets of Romanian Deadlifts.

Just didn’t have what it took to finish the workout, but what I was able to do, I stayed focused on and it felt good.

Push Press or Jerk and Overhead Squat


Row 5 minutes; 960 meters
Handstand Pushups Assisted x 3
Overhead Squats x 10 (pvc)
Shoulder Presses, Behind the neck  10 x 2
Pullups (green band) x 10


Bob -Push Jerks and Overhead Squat Combinations
45# x 3, 55 x 3, 65 x 3, 95 x 3, 125 x 1, 135, 140, 145F, 155PR

Penny -Push Presses and Overhead Squat Combinations
45# x 3, 50 x 3, 55 x 3, 65 x 3, 75 x 1, 85, 95F, 85PR

Penny -Back Squats
125 x 2, 145 x 3 PR

I was happy that I was able to Push Jerk the weight on all the reps all the way up to my OHS PR without needing to Push Press

Push Press, Pullups, and GHD Situps


250m x 4 with 30 second rest intervals
Burgener Warmup
Ring Rows
Shoulder Press

21 reps Push Press #45
21 reps Green Band pullups
21 reps GHD situps

Total Time: 2:24

10 Horizontal ring rows (Lay on back and pull chest up to rings)

500m Row 1:58

10 reps Overhead Squats 25# Barbell

Shoulder Work


Row 250m x 4 with 30 second rest intervals

Jump Shrugs, Muscle Snatches, Overhead Squat with PVC, Behind the neck press

Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk 45, 65, 75, 95


Overhead Squat 95, 105, 115, 125, 132#/60kg PR

Continuing to progress my shoulder strength.  In March I couldn’t OHS an empty bar without dropping it due to poor flexibility.  Stuck doing PVC for quite a while.  Haven’t tried a 1RM OHS in many months, but had a 5RM @ 65lbs in Sept.

Still had more gas in the tank, but noticed on video review significant loss of upright back angle between this and previous attempt. Satisfied with a 132lb PR!  Coach’s patience and skills work is paying off!


Cycling, Rowing, and Olympic Lifting Skills

Tues AM:
Warmup on the the cycling trainer 10 minutes.

6 minute Hi-Cadence Intervals with easy gear
100-110 RPM maintenance/cooldown pace
120-125 RPM medium pace (1 minute)
165-170 RPM anaerobic pace (5-10 seconds)
Repeated interval twice

My bike was vibrating the floor in the condo and the lamps were bouncing on the end tables. Glad nothing fell off and broke!! LOL

I’ve never pedaled that high of a cadence, but it sure made the 100-120 rpm range seem a lot easier and smoother. Curious to see how much of this will translate to the road next time out.

Tues PM:
warmup: 250m row x 4 with 30 sec rest intervals

Back Squats with focus on good supported upright back positioning.

Behind the neck press with Snatch Grip, Overhead Squat, Good Morning (this sequence x 5)

Transitional Deadlifts (between shins and middle of thigh) 110# x 5 x 3

Bent Over Rows (50# x 5 x 3)

All exercises were with special focus on back position… good strong tight core.

Shoulder and Core Work

Penny needed something for a workout that wouldn’t bother her hands, so after she warmed with very light rowing, she did a 5 round met-con that helped to focus on her core and back.

5 Rounds:
15 Overhead Squats with pvc pipe
10 Back Extensions
5 GHD Situps

Time: 7:31

This gave her some nice core and back work for Olympic Lifting.

I wanted to focus on shoulder work.  Almost my total focus at the Weightlifting club as been in the area of deadlifts, squats, cleans, with only some light snatches.  So to prep for upcoming Jerks and build shoulder strength, I did Shoulder Presses (uses arms only) and Push Presses (essentially Shoulder Presses with a short explosive leg drive).

My shoulders have always been some of my weakest body parts, so tonight I focused on 1RM (one rep maximum).

Warmup:  5 minute row

Shoulder Press: (Previous PR 125# back in March)
45# x 10;  65# x 5; 85# x 5; 95# x 3;
115# x 1
135# x 1
140# x 1
145# x 1
150# x 1 (Tonight’s PR)
155# x 1 (failed attempt)

Push Press: (No previous PR attempted)
155# x 1
165# x 1
170# x 1
175# x 1
180# x 1
185# x 1 (PR)
190# x 1 (Failed attempt)

I was pretty pumped that my shoulders have improved so much this year …. and was also pretty psyched how close I got to 200# overhead.  My back certainly couldn’t have handled this much in the air earlier in the year …. just need to focus more effort in this area!!

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