280 Reps (KB Swings, Renegade Rows, Push Presses)

20# KB Windmills x 4/side;
35# Potato Squats x 5.

Lunchtime Workout:

15 Minutes, (As Many Rounds As Possible)
35# 1-Hand KB Swings x 10/side,
20# KB Renegade Row x 5/side,
35# KB Push Press x 5/side.

Completed 6 Rounds + 20 Swings.

Total:  140 Swings + 60 Renegade Rows + 60 Push Presses = 280 Reps

Evening Workout:

10 Mile Bike ride around the nearby neighborhoods.


Workout Week Dec 10

I’m trying a couple of changes: Compiling workouts into a weekly blog post to decrease the amount of “noise” I’m generating, and incorporating a structured bodyweight conditioning program (Convict Conditioning) along with anything else I want to work in (e.g. Rowing, Barbells, Kettlebells).


Wall Pushups  1 set x 20
Knee tucks 1 x 10


25# KB Turkish Getup  x 1/side
50# KB 1/2 Turkish Getup x 5/side x 2 sets


2K Row 11:27




25# KB Potato Squats x 10
Vertical Incline Pullups x 15

Functional Exercise and Thoracic Mobility drills


Functional workout…. carrying cement board and 50# bags of thinset at the store and into the house.

Used floor scraper to get up as much of the old “loose” thinset off the OSB flooring.  Unfortunately, this seemed to cause some pain and swelling in my wrist for a few days.


Finally got my sleep patterns straighten out and the wrist swelling/pain subsided.

6 flights of stairs x 2 round trips

Several sets of potato squats facing the wall with a 25# KB.  Focused on tension in the booty pop and upright back posture to improve thoracic mobility.  Still can’t stand close enough to the wall.  As I squat, I lean forward too much and cause myself to fall back.  Need to be more diligent working on thoracic mobility.

Also did some Cobra pose and other upper back drills to loosen T-spine.

Hodge Podge of skills

25# Kettlebell Arm bar (lay on your side with KB straight up in the air and rotate toward your chest); 3 per side;

25# Kettlebell Windmill x 3/side;

Loaded and unloaded scuba tanks (from storage unit to the garage at home);

50# Kettlebell potato squats (focus on upright back position at bottom of squat); 5 reps;

65# Barbell Snatch & two Overhead Squats x 5 sets;

I’ve not done a barbell snatch in months and never in my Vibrams Five Finger shoes, so I kept my weight light and my sets low.  I was able to grip the bar closer than I’ve ever done before in the snatch and OHS position, thanks I believe, to the kettlebell shoulder work I’ve been doing.   I used to grip all the way out at the end of the bar by the plate.  Now I can use the “normal” groove mark about 10 inches inside the plate…. NEVER been able to do that before!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

The VFF’s feel pretty good for barbell lifts.  I can tell without my weightlifting shoes that I still have ankle/shin flexibility issues to work on though.

Ring Pullups and Potato Squats

Ring Pullups (false grip) Strict pullups, no kipping
5 x 3 plus 2 extra

Potato Squats with 50# kettlebell
(strict back and chest positioning)
5 x 2

Trying Kettlebell Windmills

Today wasn’t so much of a workout day as it was just an active rest day and a day to tinker with some new skills and work on stretches.

5 minute Row: 822 meters

GHD Situps with a nice long hanging stretch at the bottom before lifting back to the top

I’ve never tried Kettlebell Windmills before, so I watch the videos and read the drills.  While primarily aimed at the obliques/core area, I wanted to engage my shoulders through a range of motion.

My first attempt was with a 10# Kettlebell (KB) with 5 reps per side (left/right).  My shoulder had been tight and a bit achy prior to the attempt, but felt remarkably well after doing the skill!

Rowing for Moderate Intensity:
5 Minute row: 1081 meters

More KB Windmills with increasing weight:
25# KB, 3 reps/side.  This was more challenging than the 10#.
35# KB, 1 rep/side.  This was quite challenging and actually was a bit straining to my right shoulder.

GHD Back Extensions:
10 Reps, focused on a strong pull and pause at the top, lifting my torso well above parallel for a nice hamstring effort.

Achilles Stretches:
Continued working my tight achilles, particularly on the left side, to get better form/positioning at the bottom of the squat.

Potato squats with a 40# dumbell:
Strict attention to upright back position and angling the shins out over the toes.

I see that the KB windmills have some great potential as a shoulder warmup prior to Olympic Snatches or other shoulder-related lifts.  I just need to keep the weight light as I adjust to the new movement.