1000m Row and Presses

1000 meter Row, 4:50;
20# Kettlebell Press x 5/arm;
25# KB Press x 5/arm;
65# Barbell Shoulder Press x 5

85# BB Sh Press x 5;
95# BB Sh Press x 3;
50# KB Press x 3/arm;
125# BB Sh Press x 1;
145# BB Sh Press x 1;
155# BB Sh Press x 1; (Personal Record)
165# BB Push Press x 1;
175# BB Push Press (fail);
160# BB Push Press x 1 with a 5 second negative (lowering);

Row 1000 meter 4:06 (3rd best time)

I was pleased at the PR on the Shoulder Press (5# higher than PR set in Nov 09).  For the past year I’ve done almost zero barbell presses and just focused on strengthening my shoulder and rotor cuff muscles with 50# (or less) kettlebells.  Amazing what increased core and secondary support can do for a main lift.

However, I didn’t see an increase in my push press due to lack of any explosive exercises in my workout for the past year or so.  In fact, my Push press was about 30# shy of my PR.

The last 1000 meter row turned out nice, especially after lifting first.  It was my 3rd best time ever.  The two previous best were 3:50 and 4:05.  I started out the first 300 meters at a 1:45 pace which was unsustainable, then dropped to around 2:00 for the middle 400, before just hanging on with about a 2:15 for the last segment.  I was just happy to finish after starting off too fast.


Push Presses

15# KB Windmills 3/side

25# KB Push Press 5/side

45# Snatch Balance x 5

Push Press, Snatch Grip Behind the Neck
105 x 3
115 x 1
135 x 1
185 x 1 (PR)

185 x 3

Ring Pullups (false grip) x 5

Push Press or Jerk and Overhead Squat


Row 5 minutes; 960 meters
Handstand Pushups Assisted x 3
Overhead Squats x 10 (pvc)
Shoulder Presses, Behind the neck  10 x 2
Pullups (green band) x 10


Bob -Push Jerks and Overhead Squat Combinations
45# x 3, 55 x 3, 65 x 3, 95 x 3, 125 x 1, 135, 140, 145F, 155PR

Penny -Push Presses and Overhead Squat Combinations
45# x 3, 50 x 3, 55 x 3, 65 x 3, 75 x 1, 85, 95F, 85PR

Penny -Back Squats
125 x 2, 145 x 3 PR

I was happy that I was able to Push Jerk the weight on all the reps all the way up to my OHS PR without needing to Push Press

Pullups & Push Presses


250m x 4 with 30 second rest intervals

5 Handstand Pushups (assisted) x 2


10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

Push Presses 95lbs x 10
Pullups (Blue Band) x 10

Total:  50 Push Presses; 40 Pullups

Overhead Squat 1RM and Push Presses


Row 250m x 4 with 30 second rest
5 GHD Situps with deep stretch
5 GHD Back Extensions with brief pause/hold at the top
10 PVC Push Press
10 PVC Overhead Squats (OHS)
5 Barbell OHS
10 Push Press, Behind the Neck, Snatch Grip with Barbell (PP-BTN-SG)

5 Handstand Pushups (assisted)
30 Chinups (Green Band)

Combination (PP-BTN-SG and OHS)
65 x 3; 75 x 3; 85, 95, 115, 125, 135PR, 145PR, 150F, 150PR

20 Chinups (Green Band)

Good night for shoulder and overhead work.  Improved the Overhead Squat personal best by 18# from last month with a 150#PR.

Push Press, Pullups, and GHD Situps


250m x 4 with 30 second rest intervals
Burgener Warmup
Ring Rows
Shoulder Press

21 reps Push Press #45
21 reps Green Band pullups
21 reps GHD situps

Total Time: 2:24

10 Horizontal ring rows (Lay on back and pull chest up to rings)

500m Row 1:58

10 reps Overhead Squats 25# Barbell

Shoulder Work


Row 250m x 4 with 30 second rest intervals

Jump Shrugs, Muscle Snatches, Overhead Squat with PVC, Behind the neck press

Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk 45, 65, 75, 95


Overhead Squat 95, 105, 115, 125, 132#/60kg PR

Continuing to progress my shoulder strength.  In March I couldn’t OHS an empty bar without dropping it due to poor flexibility.  Stuck doing PVC for quite a while.  Haven’t tried a 1RM OHS in many months, but had a 5RM @ 65lbs in Sept.

Still had more gas in the tank, but noticed on video review significant loss of upright back angle between this and previous attempt. Satisfied with a 132lb PR!  Coach’s patience and skills work is paying off!



Shoulder and Core Work

Penny needed something for a workout that wouldn’t bother her hands, so after she warmed with very light rowing, she did a 5 round met-con that helped to focus on her core and back.

5 Rounds:
15 Overhead Squats with pvc pipe
10 Back Extensions
5 GHD Situps

Time: 7:31

This gave her some nice core and back work for Olympic Lifting.

I wanted to focus on shoulder work.  Almost my total focus at the Weightlifting club as been in the area of deadlifts, squats, cleans, with only some light snatches.  So to prep for upcoming Jerks and build shoulder strength, I did Shoulder Presses (uses arms only) and Push Presses (essentially Shoulder Presses with a short explosive leg drive).

My shoulders have always been some of my weakest body parts, so tonight I focused on 1RM (one rep maximum).

Warmup:  5 minute row

Shoulder Press: (Previous PR 125# back in March)
45# x 10;  65# x 5; 85# x 5; 95# x 3;
115# x 1
135# x 1
140# x 1
145# x 1
150# x 1 (Tonight’s PR)
155# x 1 (failed attempt)

Push Press: (No previous PR attempted)
155# x 1
165# x 1
170# x 1
175# x 1
180# x 1
185# x 1 (PR)
190# x 1 (Failed attempt)

I was pretty pumped that my shoulders have improved so much this year …. and was also pretty psyched how close I got to 200# overhead.  My back certainly couldn’t have handled this much in the air earlier in the year …. just need to focus more effort in this area!!

Commute to the Store; Olympic Lifting Skills


Grocery Shopping for the cat…  Cycled 20 minutes… 4 miles…  Cat still alive!

Oly Lifting:

Tonight was a lot of work on shoulder press and push presses.

Press: Front of the neck,
Press: Behind the neck,
Front Squat then press,
Back Squat then press,
Quick Dip and push press

Romanian Deadlifts

Fight Gone Bad (Thrusters, SDLHP, Box Jump, Push Press, Row)

Fight Gone Bad
In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating.  (This simulates a “three 5-minute-round” MMA fight.)
The stations are:

Thrusters two 15# DB’s
SDLHP (Sumo Deadlift High Pull) 60#
Box Jump 10″
Push Press 50#
Row (calories)

Count and total reps/calories from each station and round.

Round 1 (28, 15, 20, 17, 9) Total 89

Round 2 (19, 11, 18, 12, 11) Total 71

Round 3 (17, 12, 21, 15, 15) Total 80

Total 240

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