Deadlifts, KB Clean and Press, Pullups

I’ve decided to simplify starting strength, at least for the time being.  It’s just too draining on me to do 3 major lifts in one session.

  • Rowing (machine):
    • 0:05:00 || 1017 m || 35 % (+102 pts)
  • Barbell Deadlift:
    • 135 lb x 5 reps (+57 pts)
    • 185 lb x 5 reps (+81 pts)
    • 235 lb x 2 reps (+76 pts)
    • 275 lb x 1 reps (+81 pts)
    • 305 lb x 1 reps (+99 pts)
    • 325 lb x 1 reps (+113 pts)
  • One-Arm Kettlebell Clean:
    • 35 lb x 5 reps (+28 pts)
    • 35 lb x 5 reps (+28 pts)
    • 50 lb x 5 reps (+31 pts)
    • 50 lb x 5 reps (+31 pts)
  • Standing Kettlebell Military Press:
    • 35 lb x 5 reps (+34 pts)
    • 35 lb x 5 reps (+34 pts)
    • 50 lb x 5 reps (+38 pts)
    • 50 lb x 5 reps (+38 pts)
  • Ring Pull-Up:
    • 1 reps (+5 pts)
    • 1 reps (+5 pts)

Wed Dec 29 Ring Pullups

Lunchtime Workout:

Ring Pullups with False Grip.  1 pullup ever minute on the minute until chin doesn’t clear hands.
Total: 8 pullups

Practiced Barbell bent presses with empty barbell to get feel for balance and positioning with a barbell.

Ring Pullups

The biggest loser contest ended at work on Friday.  I won with a 27lb (11%) loss in 3 months.  Primarily followed Paleo/Primal principles and did a bout of high rep kettlebell movements to get things underway.

Even though the contest is over, my goal is to continue what I’ve started….. food consumption and exercise.

Today I worked on pullups:

Ring Pullups x 4 reps x 6 sets

Squats, Chinups, and Deadlifts

5 minute Row

Back Squat
45# x 5 x 2
95# x 5 x 1
135# x 3 x 1
185# x 5 x 3

Ring Chinups
x 1
x 2
x 3
x 4

135# x 5 x 1
185# x 5 x 1
235# x 3 x 1
275# x 2 x 1

Ball Slams and Kettlebell Swings

#20 KB Windmills x 3/side;

Ring Pullups x 3;

14# Ball Slams x 60;

50# KB 2-handed Swings x 20;

35# KB 1-handed Swings x 10/side

Rowing, Chinups, & Ball Slams

250m Row, 1:08

Ring Chinups (false grip) x 5

500m Row, 2:09

14# Ball Slams x 20

250m Row, 1:22

It seems that in the past few weeks when I start going anaerobic, my lungs have a strange burning to them.  I’ve been out of breathe before but never had this kind of burning.  Once I start to catch my breath, the  burning dissipates.  Not sure if this is left over from a couple of bouts with chest congestion this year; the lack of sprinting activities this year; or a combination of both.  I’ve got an annual doctor appointment coming up in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see if he hears anything unusual then.

Also experiencing a bit of elbow discomfort, mostly in the right elbow.  Some of it might be the chinups and ball slams, but some could be all the weights, boxes and tubs I’ve been carrying this week.  Nothing serious at this point, but just listening to my body.  I’ve certainly done myself grief before by ignoring stuff like this.

Ring Chinups

Keeping it simple.

Ring chinups (false grip)

5 x 3

Swings and Rings

Been too little exercise with all the other interruptions (packing, moving, sore foot, lung congestion).  Just wanted a little something to move around.

Ring Chinups (false grip) as L-sits x 3

250m Row

50# Kettlebell Swings (2-hands) x 20

Ring chinups (holding 15# KB on my foot) x 3

20# Kettlebell Snatches x 10/side

Ring Pullups and Potato Squats

Ring Pullups (false grip) Strict pullups, no kipping
5 x 3 plus 2 extra

Potato Squats with 50# kettlebell
(strict back and chest positioning)
5 x 2

Reverse Hyper, Rope Pulls, Ring Chinups, Front Squat

I wanted to test the ability to do Reverse Hypers (Low back exercises) on our Glute-Ham Developer (GHD) after reading an article regarding the benefit of decompressing the lower back (especially after heavy squats or deadlifts).


Reverse Hyper x 10 x 2 (second set with blue band providing resistance)
Rope Pulls x 10 x 2 (laying back and pulling myself from 60 degree angle to 30 degree angle)
Ring Chinups x 5 (using false grip)

I had a 205# weighted barbell from Deadlifting the other day that I wanted up on the rack at chest level.  If I could Power Clean that much weight (which I can’t), it would have been a cake walk, but instead of just taking the weights off and moving the barbell up, I deadlifted the weight up to the bottom stops at hip level.  Then I squatted under the bar and got into a good Front Squat position.  If I’d gone any lower, my a$$ would have been on the ground beneath my feet, so this was a good test to see if I could move this weight from a dead stop at the bottom of the squat. (Normally the squat is a bit of a plyometric movement that takes advantage of the “rubber band” effect of the muscles to help “lift” you out of the bottom after being stretched during the descent).  After a moment or two of 2nd thoughts, I gave it a hearty go and stood up with the weight.  My best Front Squat is 265#, but I’ve NEVER started that low in the bottom of a squat with a weighted barbell, nor have I done heavy squats in the past couple of months.  Success!!!  Must be all the low squats I’ve done moving and packing boxes into storage for the past month… LOL