Rowing, GHD situps and Hypers, Ring Rows, and Overhead Squats

5 minute Rowing warmup, 852 meters

Overhead Squats with PVC x 10

GHD Hyperextensions x 10

GHD situps x 10

Ring Rows x 10 (chest height)

5 minute Rowing, 1126 meters

135# Deadlift x 2

135# Romanian Deadlift x 10

15# Sumo Deadlift x 11



Romanian Deadlifts, Intermittent Fasting, Barefoot Lifting

Been giving my back plenty of rest, stretching, and foam roller work.  For some reason, hardstyle KB swings did a real number on my lower back.  Will probably resume 1-handed swings and snatches that aren’t “hard style” since the tension and pain is almost gone.  Even so, wasted a prime week that I could have been doing some intense KB work.  I’m too old to be doing things/styles that interfere with my ability to move and function pain-free.  Next week I’ll be in and out of the classroom, so Lunch time workouts may be non-existent or abbreviated.

Today I wanted to dabble in something with a bit of weight to it while waiting for some laundry to finish.  I opted to do this at the end of an Intermittent Fast (16hrs) to see how it would feel.  Definitely was feeling very good at the beginning of the lifts… not hungry at all.

Romanian Deadlifts

125 x 5 x 2

215 x 3 x 2

265 x 1 x 3

295 x 1

315 x 1

Did this barefoot.  Not excessive weight or reps… just wanted to pull something heavy off the ground.  Felt great despite the 16hr fast.  Ate a Paleo lunch afterwards despite not feeling hungry nor drained.

A few hours later my feet were a bit sore, but I wouldn’t say “strained”.  Could tell I’d done something though.


Romanian Deadlifts, KB Swings, 5K Trail Hike, 10K test ride on the Bike

Back was tight yesterday to the point of walking partially bent over.  Took lots of stretching and foam roller to get to the point to be able to go to bed.  Something about 2-handed swings just puts too much pressure on my back.  Can’t seem to get the good neutral spine.

Back still pretty tight today.

125# x 5 x 2
215# x 1 x 5
265 x 1 x 5

50# 1-hand KB Swings x 10/side x 2

5K trail hike on the mountain bike trail at East Fork SP using my Vibrams Five Finger Shoes.

10K test ride on the bike after a tire change.

Deadlifts, KB Clean and Press

Romanian Deadlifts 65# x 5
(Standard) Deadlifts 185# x 5 x 3
KB Clean & Press 50# x 5/side x 2

Romanian Deadlifts and KB Snatches

After sitting around and grading 80 tests tonight, I decided to test a new duet for kicks and grins.

Romanian Deadlift 185# x 5;

KB Snatch 35# x 10/side;

Romanian Deadlift 185# x 6;

KB Snatch 35# x 6/side;

Nice way to get the heart pumping a bit before bedtime.  LOL

Snatch Lifting and Cycling Race DVD

Went to Olympic Lifting without warming up first… bad move… started straining my knees…. gave up… spent time on a recumbent bike… and went back at… much better…. too old to NOT warmup at home prior to the gym…. need lots of time… now I’m feeling like spending time on the bike just spinning…

Snatch Balance
Snatch Drop
Overhead Squat
Good Morning

Barbell Row (emphasis on tight back)

Romanian Deadlift

After Dinner…. Cycling at Home to Workout DVD:
Warmup 15 minutes
Race Pace 10 minutes (blew up after 10 minutes)
Cooldown for 7 minutes
Total Time: 32 minutes;  7.74 miles; 14.5mph ave; 28mph max

Olympic Lifting

Warmed up at home before going to the club:
Row 1k 4:33
Pullups (black band) 10 x 2 (nice slow pace as a shoulder stretch/warmup)

Tonight was more Olympic weightlifting skills goodness!  Great workout tonight, and the upright back positioning is continuing to improve!

Overhead Squats 8 x 4

Back Squats 6 x 4

Snatch Foot work (rise up on toes, then drop into squat position with good upright posture) 10 x 3

Snatch Extensions (floor to explosive “shrugs”*) *not really a shrug but momentum imparted to the bar on the upward explosion 8 x 3

Romanian Deadlifts 6 x 5

Olympic Weightlifting

  • Snatch Balance
  • Snatch Drop
  • Overhead Squat
  • Triplet of the three above
  • Hang Clean “Shrugs” (explosively)
  • Front Squats
  • Romanian Deadlifts

I don’t remember the weights or reps used.  Waited too long to write them down and memory fails me, but it was a tiring 90 minute workout.

In general, I’m feeling better about my upright posture in the front squat and overhead squat, but need to focus more on my ankle flexibility now.

Olympic Lifting Skills Practice

Warmup at home with two 500m rows.

Today’s practice at the gym continued to target my problem areas.

Tonight’s Skills:

Overhead Squats
55# x 8
60# x 8
65# x 8

Hang Snatch “Shrugs” (explosively)
115 x 5
120 x 5
Lifted from boxes.  Started 3 high first, then removed one box.
120 x 5
135 x 5

Front Squats
135# x 5 x 2

then Goblet Squats
45#DB x 5
Focused on upright back posture.

Romanian Deadlifts
115# x 5 x 2
135# x 5 x 2

Olympic Lifting Practice

Lifting tonight at the weightlifting club, I realized that lifting explosively for about 90 minutes is just plain hard work!!  It’s very different from the met-con intensity of lifting to muscular failure, or rowing for “all it’s worth” that is taxing aerobically and anaerobically.  However, it takes a great deal of effort… for sure!

Tonight’s Skills:

Overhead Squats
65# x 8 x 5 (Bob)
45# x 8 x 5ish (Penny) (reached failure on the final set)

My previous Overhead Squat PR was 45#, but mainly due to poor form.  Developing more upright posture definitely helping here.

Hang Snatch “Shrugs” (explosively)
135# x 5 x 3 (Bob)
85# x 5 x 3 (Penny)

Lifted from boxes.  Started 3 high first, then removed one box.  This allowed transition from “squeeze” position, then just above the knees begin the explosive movement upward.  Keeping arms relatively stiff, and pausing a bit at the top to get the feel for the position and the bar momentum.

Front Squats
135# x 5 x 1, 75# x 5 x 2 (Bob)
65# x 5 x 1, 55# x 5 x 2 (Penny)

Focused on upright back posture.  Used bar only with no hands to force upright… but I didn’t fare so well.

Romanian Deadlifts
75# x 5 x 4
55# x 5 x 4

Worked on hamstring stretch, good back arch, and “booty pop”…. I was pretty tired and had a hard time maintain good core position during the final movements.