2000m row

2000m row
Did it in four 500m pace segments, but as one continuous row.
Segment 1: 2:55 pace
Segment 2: 2:35 pace
Segment 3: 2:15 pace
Segment 4: 2:30 pace

Total time: 10:00


Shoulder Press, Sumo Deadlift Highpull, 250m Row

Penny hadn’t felt real good the last couple of days, so this was the first night working out together since Saturday’s cycling.

For tonight, we went for something very anaerobic, doing 5 rounds of 3 stations.

5 rounds
10 shoulder press
10 sumo deadlift highpull
250m row

35# barbell SP, 35# kettlebell
Bob’s total: 9:56

25# barbell SP, 35# kettlebell
Penny’s total: 14:18

Great workout with intensity!

Row(calories) and Situps

I was looking for a nice anaerobic workout, so I had my eye on a workout called Fran (Pullups and Squat Thrusters in rep sets of 21, 15, 9), however, no matter how I tried to warmup my shoulders today, unassisted pullups were not in the cards… almost makes me think I’ve done too much of the “rehab” exercises that the doc had given me to work on my “impingment” issues.

Not to be counted out, I decided to stay with the 21, 15, 9 reps sets, but opted to do them with rowing (for calories) and situps on the abmat.

Row (calories) and situps (reps)
(21, 15, 9)

Time: 5:10

Well… it was definitely an intense anaerobic experience!!

About an hour later I did 20 dead-hang chinups using the black band… just couldn’t let the day go by without at least a smidgeon of arm work. 🙂

1RM Deadlifts, Rows

Penny and I did our own thing tonight for workout.  She just needed to mindlessly row after a rough day of work, and I wanted something that wouldn’t irritate my shoulders after all of the pullups yesterday… so I did deadlifts.

After warming up, Penny did:

500m Row
1000m Row

Then after a rest, she wanted to see if she could row a sub 2 minute 500m

500m Row 1:56  (nice job!)

I took a nice steady warmup on the deadlifts,

110 x 3; 135 x 3; 165 x 3; 190 x 3; 220 x 1; 240 x 1

Then started a steady climb:

260, 280, 310, 330PR, 345PR, 355PR, 365PR

I had a major form break on the 365.  Rounded the top of my back and my legs quivered a bit.  I was probably a bit too aggressive going for this, partially driven by the fact that I knew it was all the weight I currently had.  Probably should have stopped at 355 and savored that, but 355 was strong, back straight (Penny observing), and the pull was at a good pace.  Knowing I only had so much “in the tank”, I jumped weight a bit rapidly at the end.  Let you know how my body feels about that decision tomorrow.  lol

10K Elliptical

5 minute elliptical warmup
2 Rounds of:

Overhead Squats (10 reps)
Ring Rows (10 reps)

10K Elliptical
Time: 19:44 PR (Compare 1/17/09 @ 23:37)

Almost a 4 minute improvement from about a month ago.