Rowing and Barbell Snatch Movements

Rowing, 250m x 4 (2:49, 2:29, 2:11, 1:51)

Snatch Grip BTN, Push Press

Snatch Balance


50# Kettlebell Pushpress x 5 x 3 (per side)


Olympic Weightlifting Skills


5 minute Row: 866 meters

Kettlebell Windmill 3/side, 10# (great job of loosening tight shoulders)


Behind the Neck Press, Snatch Grip 5 x 3

Overhead Squat 5 x 5

Snatch Balance 3 x 2

Drop Snatch 3 x 2

High Hang Snatch 3 x 5 (Bar at waist, approx 1/4 dip and drive)

Hang Power Snatch 2 x 5 (lower bar to just above knees) + 2 Overhead Squats per set

Focus mostly on explosive jump to elevate the bar overhead.

Olympic Weightlifting Skills

Back to see Coach Chris after a layoff since about a week before Christmas.  His first words were something to the effect of, “We’re going to start back near ground zero”.


Drop Snatch Press Behind the neck 5 x 3

Snatch Balance 3 x 4

Hang Snatch Drop + Overhead Squat 5 x 5

Transitional Deadlifts from a box (mid calf to mid thigh) 5 x 5

Good Mornings 5 x 3

I need to continue to work on flexibility in my ankles for better positioning in the bottom of the squat.  Also, to work on explosive “recruitment”, it was suggested I start working on “jumping” back squats with about 60% of 1 rep maximum, working on explosive jump up and speed of repetition. (approx 8 reps in 10 seconds).  Sucks getting old, and I’m not sure how much improvement I can make in this area.

Cycling, Rowing, and Weightlifting Skills


Cycling 15 minutes; Easy pace (10.5mph)

250 Row x 4 with 30 sec rest intervals


Each of the following, one at a time in sequence as one set.  Each set with increasing weight from PVC bar to 40kg
Snatch Balance
Drop Snatch
Overhead Squat
Good Morning

Repeat each sequence with increasing weight up to 65kg
Back Squat x3, Good morning x3

Shrug Cleans (x5)  focusing on elbow speed, bar path, and back positioning.  5 Sets with increasing weight to 35 kg.
Only had one hour, so coach kept the workout short and sweet!

Snatch Lifting and Cycling Race DVD

Went to Olympic Lifting without warming up first… bad move… started straining my knees…. gave up… spent time on a recumbent bike… and went back at… much better…. too old to NOT warmup at home prior to the gym…. need lots of time… now I’m feeling like spending time on the bike just spinning…

Snatch Balance
Snatch Drop
Overhead Squat
Good Morning

Barbell Row (emphasis on tight back)

Romanian Deadlift

After Dinner…. Cycling at Home to Workout DVD:
Warmup 15 minutes
Race Pace 10 minutes (blew up after 10 minutes)
Cooldown for 7 minutes
Total Time: 32 minutes;  7.74 miles; 14.5mph ave; 28mph max

Olympic Lifting Skills

First night back to the Cincinnati Weightlifting Club since my MTB crash in early September.  It was almost like starting over…. not quite… but almost.

Focused first part on hip and ankle flexibility.  Leg swings, Lunges, Squat stretches, stretch bands.

From behind the neck:  Snatch Balance, Snatch Drop, then 3 Overhead Squats (OHS)

Snatch  bar Shrugs with the bar deep in the pocket, then Hang Snatches from the pocket

Olympic Lifting

Snatch Balance
Drop Snatch
Overhead Squat

Snatch Footwork

Good Mornings

Snatch Deadlift on 2 boxes above knees
Snatch Deadlift on 1 Box below knees

Working Basic Oly Positions

Tonight we focused on achieving basic positions.  We still need lots of remedial work… lol!

Footwork and controlling the width of our feet in the squat.

Snatch Balance
Snatch Drop
Overhead Squat

Snatch Deadlift with heavy focus on back and chest positioning

Clean Deadlift

The Deadlifts were done from progressively lower boxes to work into lower positions.

Good Mornings

Vacation’s Over! Back to Oly Lifting Skills!

After almost two weeks away from lifting, vacation is now over and it’s time to get back at it!

Tonight we did the following skills:
Snatch Balance
Snatch Drop
Overhead Squat

Snatch Footwork (Drop from jump position into the squat position)

Snatch Shrugs

Back Squats

It wasn’t quite like starting over tonight, but it was a nice easy re-introduction to the skills. I’m a creature of habit, so the last couple of weeks without consistent exercise sure would make it easy to slip back into bad habits and slug-like behaviors.

Snatch Workout and Associated Skills

Warmed up at home:

250m x 4 (30 sec rest)
1st leg: Focus on light wattage, stroke rate around 27 spm
2nd leg: Focus on higher wattage, stroke rate around 17 spm
3rd leg: Focus on “medium” wattage, stroke rate around 29 spm
4th leg: High wattage, stroke rate around 24 spm

At the Club:

Snatch Balance, Snatch Drop, Overhead Squat (performed one after another as a triplet) x 5

Snatch Footwork x10 (rise on toes in jumping position and drop and slide feet into squat position

Hang Snatch (starting above knees) x 3 x 5

Hang Snatch (starting below knees on one box) x 3 x 5

Romanian Deadlifts x 5 x 3

Even though weight was increased on most subsequent sets after the first one, the focus remained singularly on technique.  On some of the sets of Snatches at the end, it started to feel like I was starting to “get it”.  I hope to keep building on that.

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