Progress Feb 5th to Feb 11th

Feb 5th

Squat 3×5 @215; (15# below seminar deload)

Press 3×5 @135; 1 Plate!!

Deadlift 1×5 @315; 3 Plate!!! Still using double overhand hook grip; straps may be in my future though because I don’t care for mixed grip.

Started greasing the groove on Chin Ups. I’ve gained 15 lbs since I started SS Progression and haven’t done chinups in a long while…. gotta lotta work to do.

BW 240 lbs; 6’2″; age 51

14th Session after seminar deload…

Two mini milestones tonight on my slow barbell progression. Overhead Press 5RM with 1 plate; Deadlift 5RM with 3 Plates.
The best part? I didn’t have to watch almost the entire first half of the Super Bowl.

Feb 7th

Squat 3×5 @225; (5# below seminar deload)

Bench 3×5 @185;

Greasing the groove on Chin Ups. Several sets of “fat man pullups” under the barbell, then incrementally harder ring rows sets. 40 total reps.
BW 242 lbs; 6’2″; age 51

15th Session after seminar deload…

Back to two plates on the Squat, where I was just over a month ago before the deload after the Squat Seminar.

Feb 9th

Squat 3×5 @230; (back to top weight pre-seminar… feels lighter this time around… however to get the bodyweight squat, I seem to be chasing my bodyweight gains simultaneously)

Press 3×5 @140; (I think Presses may be the most intense isometric contraction that the glutes see… but the squeeze does get that weight up!)

Deadlift 1×5 @325; (The Pull was a grind. It’s my last pull in the next 9 days until I get back from traveling though).

BW 243 lbs; 6’2″; age 51

I am feeling a bit toasted since the past month I’ve worked out every two days and performed deadlifts every workout as well, except the last one. A week away from the barbell may do me good.

Feb 11th

Squat 3×5 @235;

Bench 3×5 @190;

BW 243 lbs; 6’2″; age 51

Last workout until next Saturday when I get back from traveling. Will be a nice break.


Progress Chart Nov to Feb

This chart shows the deload on the Squat and Deadlift to work on technique.  Also shows I was deadlifting every session and removed Power Cleans from workout to focus on deadlift progress after deload.


Progress Jan 7 to Feb 3

Age 51 ; 6’2″; weighed 234lbs at the beginning of this period

Jan 7th
Attended the Starting Strength Squat Clinic hosted by Greysteel Strength and Conditioning in Farmington, MI. Doc Sullivan and Coach Chris teamed up on the 12 attendees for some great coaching cues. I ended up squatting less than I would as part of my progression, but ended up sorer. Lots of cues about my knees, too much depth, and ways to work top of my back (rounding).

Roughly…… here’s the work that was done
45 x 5 x 2
95 x 5 x 1
135 x 5 x 1
205 x 5 x 1
225 x 5 x 2
205 x 5 x 1

I was fairly well gassed by the last set since I was out of my normal routine of fueling and warmup cadence. (…to borrow Sully’s phrase: Aging Sucks!)

Great day! I would definitely do it all over again.

Jan 9th
Deloaded Squat and Deadlift to work on form and slowly work back up on the weights
Squat 3×5 x 150

Split workout across 2 days because I deloaded Squat and Deadlift after Squat Seminar to focus on squat cues and my upper back rounding. Video review of every Squat set and camera setup was taking a lot of time and I didn’t want to rush it.

Jan 10th
Bench 3×5 x150
Deadlift 1×5 x180
Completed previous workout

Jan 12th
Squat 3×5 x 155
Press 3×5 x 105
Deadlift 5×3 x 190

Jan 14th
Squat 3×5 x 160
Bench 3×5 x 155
Deadlift 1×5 x 200

Jan 16th
Squat 3×5 x 165
Press 3×5 x 110  I focused hard on the trap squeeze at the top with a 1-2 second pause.
Deadlift 1×5 x 210
Since I deloaded my squat and deadlift, workouts are feeling much easier. However, I’m doing deadlifts every workout with 10# jumps per work out. My plan was to do it for two weeks, then see if I need to go back to deadlifts every other workout and re-insert cleans into the rotation, I might be able to squeeze another week since I’ll still be shy of my pre-deload deadlift numbers.

Jan 18th
Squat 3×5 x 170
Bench 3×5 x 160
Deadlift 1×5 x 220
Deadlift still going up by 10#… feeling good. Squat still good. Bench is progressing. Using wider grip than I started with.

Jan 20th
Squat 3×5 x 175
Press 3×5 x 115
Deadlift 5×3 x 230

Jan 22nd
Squat 3×5 x 180
Bench 3×5 x 165
Deadlift 1×5 x 240
Things are still doing well working out every other day (even across weekends). Since deload, still doing deadlifts every workout (+10lbs) until I close in on previous workset (approx 300lbs).

Jan 24th
Squat 3×5 x 185
Press 3×5 x 120
Deadlift 1×5 x 250
Working out of town this week and lifting in a “strange to me” gym. Have to get there after the crowd, so arrived just before 9pm. Nice and quiet.

Jan 26th
Squat 3×5 x 190
Bench 3×5 x 170
Deadlift 1×5 x 260
Still working out of town. It wasn’t as empty this time, but I still got a squat rack and deadlift box to myself.

I didn’t bring any creatine or pre-workout with me this week (I brought whey protein, that was it). Even so, workout is going well (I did scarf a black coffee before the workout though).

Jan 28th
Squat 3×5 x 195
Press 3×5 x 125
Deadlift 5×3 x 270

Jan 30th
Squat 3×5 x 200
Bench 3×5 x 175
Deadlift 1×5 x 285

Feb 1st
Squat 3×5 x 205
Press 3×5 x 130
Deadlift 5×3 x 295
This workout was a mental grind. Tweaked my left shoulder/nerve again and it really affected my OHP. The OHP is near (3lbs) my all-time calculated 1RM from a few years back, so each set is a grind. 1st rep is the worst until I get my legs and glutes under tension then the next four reps are just mind games as the bar slowly ascends.

Deadlifts were good, but exhausting. I’m in fresh territory now on the deadlifts. Going to ride the “10lbs increase per workout” and deadlifts each workout for a few (couple) more before putting deadlifts back to every other workout.

Since Squats and Deadlifts are big again, I’m increasing my calorie and protein intake to help with recovery.

Feb 3rd
Squat 3×5 x 210
Bench 3×5 x 180
Deadlift 1×5 x 305
My left shoulder was in a lot of discomfort after the 3rd Squat workset. I had to take medium and close grips on the bench to avoid more aching.

Looks like I’m at the end of deadlifts every workout. I’ll do them next workout to hit 3 plates, but then alternate them every other workout.

My weight is currently 240lbs.