Puttering around

I don’t usually eat pizza, but had a hankering for a Supreme pizza last night, then finished it off today.  Despite waiting a few hours before working out, even the warmup rowing was causing some real nasty tasting reflux.  I decided to keep the workout lite and just piddled around instead.

Rowing 250m x 4

Power Snatch 35#
Power Clean 95#
Front Squat 95#
Chinups (Green Band)
Rope Climbs (modified)

Tomorrow begins Week 2 of the 5 week Kettlebell Challenge.


Kettlebell Challenge: Week 1 Day 4


“Tabata” rowing intervals at low to medium intensity.
8 intervals of 20 second rowing / 10 seconds rest.
1053 meters


Circuit 1 (4 Rounds)
35# KB Push Press, x 5 per side
35# KB High Pull, x 8
Rest 60 seconds between rounds

3 minutes rest between Circuits

Circuit 2 (3 Rounds)
25# Turkish Getup, x2 per side
50# KB Swings, x8
Rest 60 seconds between rounds

Kettlebell Challenge: Week 1 Day 3 and Rope Pulls/Climbs

Got a new short climbing rope to play with.  Not much height in the basement, but I wrapped it around the pullup bar and it’s suitable for “pulling” me off the floor if I’m inclined back or sitting down and want to pull myself into a standing position.


500m Row 2:34
Rope Pulls/Climbs 5

Skills Mastery Workout:

KB Press
25# x 5 per side, 60 second rest
25# x 5 per side

KB Windmills
25# x 3 per side, 60 second rest
25# x 3 per side

KB 1/2 Renegade Row
25# x 5 per side, 60 second rest
25# x 5 per side

Circuit Workout:

2 Rounds
3 KB Press, Left 25#
3 KB Press, Right 25#
1 KB Windmill, Left 25#
1 KB Windmill, Right 25#
3 KB 1/2 Renegade Row, Left 25#
3 KB 1/2 Renegade Row, Right 25#
60 second rest

Circuit Time: 3:19

Miscellaneous Calisthenics

After a big dinner and couple of beers on the road, I didn’t want to interrupt my rest day with too much exercise, but boredom at the keyboard prompted me to improvise some Calisthenics in the hotel room.

1 Minute per exercise (Max reps)

Walking Lunges length of room, 24

Incline Pushups, 17

Situps, 30

Not much, but it beat typing or staring at the TV all evening.

Kettlebell Challenge: Week 1 Day 2 and Ball Slams

Week 1 Day 2 of Coach Izzy’s 5 week Kettlebell Workout


1000m Row 4:15 (it was a warmup, but still one of my fastest 1K Row time)

Skills Mastery Workout:

KB Push Press 50#
6/side  x 10 x 3, 60 second rest between sets

KB High Pull 50#
10 x 3, 60 second rest between sets
25# x 5 per side

KB Turkish Getup 25#

KB Windmill 25#

Intensity Workout: Ball Slams

60 seconds, as many reps as possible
45 slams using 14# ball

Got a couple of new fitness items delivered today from my favorite online fitness candy store, Rogue Fitness in Columbus, OH…love that they have so many “made in the USA” products .  Anyway, got a 14# Medicine ball used for ball slams on the floor, and a 12# Medicine ball used for “Wall balls” and thrown at a target 10-15 ft high (or back and forth with a partner).  The ball I got for the ball slams was the wrong diameter.  I meant to get an 8-9″, but got a 14″ instead.  I used it anyway in the workout tonight.  It should be fine, just not able to throw it at the higher velocity, but it may not matter much for an old slow guy like me… LOL

Tomorrow I have to drive up to Northern Ohio to travel around on sales calls with the sales person in that territory.  I was going to take a KB with me, but I have a feeling after the ball slams I might need a rest day before continuing… LOL

Kettlebell Challenge: Week 1 Day 1

I wanted to see what kind of benefit I can gain from following Coach Izzy’s 5 week Kettlebell Workout, so I decided today was a good day to start.


250m Row x 4 with 30 second rest intervals
Kettlebell Windmills 10#, 3/side

Skills Mastery Workout:

KB Swings
35# x 10, 60 second rest
50# x 10

KB Press
25# x 5 per side, 60 second rest
25# x 5 per side

KB 1/2 Renegade Row
25# x 5 per side, 60 second rest
25# x 5 per side

Circuit Workout:

2 Rounds
6 KB Swings 50#
3 KB Press, Left 25#
3 KB Press, Right 25#
3 KB 1/2 Renegade Row, Left 25#
3 KB 1/2 Renegade Row, Right 25#
90 second rest

Circuit Time: 2:50

Since I’ve not focused exclusively on kettlebell workouts before, I didn’t add anything else into the workout scheme at this time, but I may continue to “grease the grooves” on other exercises like Pullups and Olympic Lifts as I go along.

Dianesque WOD: Deadlifts, Shoulder Presses

I scaled the “Diane” workout the same as the last time for a direct comparison against the last time I’d done it by substituting Shoulder Presses for Hand Stand Pushups.

5:00 min Row 1083m

Diane-lite (21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps)

115# Deadlifts
60# Shoulder Presses

Time: 4:48 (51 second improvement over last time)

The last 2 Shoulder Presses turned into Push Presses (the last time I did this workout, the last 14 were Push Presses).

KB windmills 10#, 3/side

Kettlebell Windmills

As I continue to work on and strengthen my shoulders from the damage and shoulder instability that years of mindless pushups, bench press, and pec dec workouts caused, I think I’m falling in love with the Kettlebell Windmill.

After a brief conversation with a coach friend in Seattle that works with Kettlebells and Olympic weightlifting, I decided to cautiously up the weight on the KB Windmills. (He’s also the guy I got the idea of doing KB Windmills from).

When I use the exercise as a warmup to other workouts, I’ve kept the weight at 10#.  Today I wanted to focus on strengthening the shoulder.


KB Windmills

25#, 3 per side
35#, 3 per side
50#, 3 per side

It was the first time I’d attempted 50# on the windmills… 35# seemed incredibly hard a few weeks ago.  Surprisingly, I felt the work the most on my core and lats, particularly as I would raise back to a standing position.  Afterwards, I do have a mild “burn” in the rotator muscle area, similar to one you might feel after working any other muscle to exhaustion.  It took me quite a bit of total body effort to stabilize that weight in the air, but it was certainly a nice break from the keyboard.

Made sure I kept the reps low per side to avoid getting carried away.  I can always add more sets as the shoulders get stronger.

The results I’m looking for are improved stability in the Overhead Squat, as well as improved function/mobility in the pushups, Snatch, and kipping pullups (normally I feel shoulder discomfort during the sudden deceleration at the bottom of high rep Kipping pullups)

Hang Power Snatches


Kettlebell Windmills 10 x 3/side, 25 x 3/side

Bob’s Workout:

Hang Power Snatch (Previous PR 105#)
35 x 5
45 x 3
65 x 2
75 x 2
85 x 2
95 x 2
115 x 2 PR
125 x 2 (failed: Pressed out on both)
125 x 1 PR!!!!

Crushed my PR from 7 days ago by 20#…. that friggin’ RAWKED!!!

Penny’s Workout:

Penny has been dealing with some neck and hand problems, so she stayed away from the barbell and focused on 1000m rowing intervals for intensity.

1000m row x 5 with 1 minute rest intervals.

Great job!!

Athletic Observations from CrossFit FAQ

Whether you agree with the assertions or not, I thought it was interesting:

Here’s some insight from Coach [Glassman] on the intent of CrossFit:

“CrossFit is in large part derived from several simple observations garnered through hanging out with athletes for thirty years and willingness, if not eagerness, to experiment coupled with a total disregard for conventional wisdom. Let me share some of the more formative of these observations:

  1. Gymnasts learn new sports faster than other athletes.
  2. Olympic lifters can apply more useful power to more activities than other athletes.
  3. Powerlifters are stronger than other athletes.
  4. Sprinters can match the cardiovascular performance of endurance athletes even at extended efforts.
  5. Endurance athletes are woefully lacking in total physical capacity.
  6. With high carb diets you either get fat or weak.
  7. Bodybuilders can’t punch, jump, run, or throw like athletes can.
  8. Segmenting training efforts delivers a segmented capacity.
  9. Optimizing physical capacity requires training at unsustainable intensities.
  10. The world’s most successful athletes and coaches rely on exercise science the way deer hunters rely on the accordion. [wb416… FYI… deer hunters don’t use accordions… lol]

Thoughts or comments?

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