Tues Dec 13 Kettlebell Side Presses

Evening Practice:

25# KB Side Presses x 5/side x 3


Dec 6th Hindu Squats and KB Presses


Hindu Squats x 10 x 2

35# KB Side Press x 5/side

Hindu Squat x 10 x 1

50# KB Bent Press x 3/side

Hindu Squat x 10 x 1

Thursday 12/1 Kettlebell Shoulder and Side Press

KB Shoulder Press
25# x 5/side
35# x 5/side
50# x 5/side

KB Push Press
62# x 3/side

KB Windmill
25# x 3/side

KB Side Press
25# x 3/side
35# x 3/side

Tues 11/29 Side Press

Practiced Kettlebell Side Presses with 25# and 35# KB’s.

Brisk Walk, KB Side Press, KB Front Squat

Lunch Time:
15 minute Brisk walk,
35# KB Side Press x 5/side x 3,
35# KB Front Squat x 5/side x 2,
35# KB Short-Cycle Clean x 10/side

Total: 70 Reps

Lower Back Pain and limited lunch time exercises

Today I woke up with tightness in my lower back, so I tried to do a couple of squats and stretch things out.  I thought the heated seats would help to loosen things up on the way to work, but when I got out the car I had a tough time straightening up.  So, by lunch I had given up on doing the “15 minute Swings” I’d been doing every other day.

Lunch Time:

Tried a couple of swings but immediately called quits due to my back.

Attempted a few KB Windmills and they felt good, so did a few minutes of those with a 20#KB.

20#KB Side Presses x 5 per side x 5 sets.

Since the side presses use a similar position to the windmill, I had no problems doing them with my low back pain.  Just focused on slow movement and good contraction.

Side Presses and Snatches Thu 6/16 and Commentary


KB Side Press;
25# x 5/side x 2 sets;
35# x 5/side x 1 set;

35# KB Snatch x 5/side x 2 sets;

Too much “Ensalada con pollo” at lunch to do excessive movement, but it got the blood flowing.

My target is to do either swings or snatches everyday.  Primary goal is to do 2 weeks of KB Swings every other day for 15 minutes.  On weeks 3 and 4, I’ll take the highest number from the previous two weeks and try to whittle down how long it will take me to do them. (Example:  If after 2 weeks I can do 300 swings in 15 minutes, then in the 3rd and 4th week I’ll do 300 swings and try to get the time down less each day.

I’ve cut back on my food intake, by not snacking and by not grazing my way through lunch time.  I’m not starving nor feel like I’m on a diet, but  I’m hoping there is something to the claim that high rep KB workouts can help to burn fat.  Otherwise, I’ve donated my $20 to the “Biggest Loser” contest at work to be given to someone that will probably choose an unsustainable way to drop body weight anyway they can.  So far I’m down a few pounds.

Kettlebell Side Press and Bent Press

Practiced several sets of Kettlebell Side Presses and Bent Presses with light weight.  Focused on slow execution and lat activation.  Kept the sets from 3-5 reps each.