Mon 3/26 A Day at the Gym

walking 3.8 km

25# Kettlebell Windmill x 3/side
Overhead Squats, 20kg,  x 5
Row, 500 meters
Tabata Interval, 25# Kettlebell Snatch, 4 minutes, 8 intervals
25# Kettlebell Armbar x 3/side
1/2 KB Turkish Getup x 5/side
Overhead Squat, 30kg, x 5
Overhead Squat, 60kg x 5

That brings the walking total to at least: 51.1km/31.8 miles

Sun/Mon: 4.6km
Tues: 8.8km
Wed: 3.8km
Thu: 3.8km
Fri: 8.8km
Sat: 11.5km
Sun: 6.0km
Mon 3.8km



Monday Feb 27 Tabata Snatches

Lunchtime wakeup:

warmup: KB Windmills, shoulder presses, squats

Tabata Intervals (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8 intervals… 4 minutes total)

25# KB Snatches

Total: 80 Snatches

Kept work consistent and not sprint-like…. approx 10 reps per interval.  Definitely feel it already!

Mon Feb 13 Tabata Kettlebell Snatches

Warmup:  35# KB Front Squat x 5/side; 25# KB Snatch x 5/side

Tabata Interval: (20sec work, 10 sec rest x 8 intervals)

25# KB Snatch alternating hands after each interval.

10, 10, 10, 9, 11, 10, 10, 11

Executed at 60-70% effort.  Was winded when I got done, but not wiped out like I would at a “full out” Tabata.  Haven’t done snatches in a few weeks, so didn’t want to overdo it.

Total Snatches: 81 reps

Felt good to get moving after my time off my back strain and “getting out of the habit”.

1/2 Tabata Rowing Interval

Haven’t done a Tabata row in quite a while but felt especially masochistic tonight after dinner.  Last attempt was Jan 2010.

300m, 2:35/500m pace;
300m, 2:20/500m pace;


1/2 Tabata Interval (4 intervals) of 20 second Rowing Sprints with 10 seconds rest;
20 seconds, 108m, 10 seconds rest;
20 seconds, 106m,  10 seconds rest;
20 seconds, 94m,  10 seconds rest;
20 seconds, 88m

Did a couple of Yoga stretches afterwards to work on T-spine and shoulder stretching (Cobra and Downward Dog)

Tabata Intervals: Rowing

15# KB Windmills x 3/side x 2 sets;

15# KB 1-handed swings x 10/side x 2 sets;

250m Row;

Tabata Rowing Intervals (20 second row, 10 second rest; repeat for 8 intervals);
Distance in meters per interval:
87, 91, 95, 95, 94, 89, 94, 96

Total meters rowed: 743

Partial Tabata Interval with Rowing

Did not feel like working out…. everything was screaming “Don’t do it!”…. so I stumbled down to the rower anyway and forced myself anyway.

Aggressive warmup:
(Normally my pace is 3:00, 2:45, 2:30, 2:20)

250m, 2:47/500m pace
250m, 2:20/500m pace
250m, 2:06/500m pace
250m, 1:47/500m pace


1/2 Tabata Interval (4 intervals) of Rowing Sprints
20 seconds, 100m, 1:40/500m
20 seconds, 106m, 1:34/500m
20 seconds, 106m, 1:34/500m
20 seconds, 104m, 1:36/500m

Pretty intense headache when I finished, but was happy with how quickly after finishing that my breathing rate recovered.

Tabata Rowing


5 minute row: 863 meters

Kettlebell Windmills 10lbs, 3/side x 2


Tabata Rowing Intervals (20 seconds row, 10 seconds rest), 12 Intervals at hard pace

1089 meters total, 90 meters average per interval, 1:57 pace/500m

That got the heart rate up and a little lung burn going!!

Cycling Trainer and Tabata Intervals

Gearing 2:2 (2nd/middle chain ring, 2 lowest gear on cassette of 10)
5 minute Warmup 10mph
5 minute incremental increase to 15mph
Gear 2:7
5 minutes at 17mph
5 minutes Tabata Intervals (20s 22.5mph, 10s 16.5mph)

Gear 2:5
5 minute moderate cooldown 16mph

Total: 25 minutes, 6.84 miles, 16.4mph average

Tabata Interval (Row, GHD Back Ext, GHD Situp, Ring Rows)

Did a Warmup in the morning, then unloaded training equipment out of my vehicle.

2 Rounds:
250m Rows, GHD Back Extensions, GHD Situps, Ring Rows, PVC Overhead Squats

Deadlifts 125 x 5

Afternoon Workout:

Tabata Intervals: 4 stations, 4 rounds each station (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest) (60 seconds rest/transition between stations)

Rowing (Calories): 5, 6, 7, 7 (Total 25 calories)
GHD Back Ext: 14, 14, 14, 13 (Total 55 reps)
GHD Situps: 12, 11, 11, 10 (Total 42 reps)
Ring Rows*: 13, 11, 10, 10 (Total 44 reps)

*Bottom of rings at sternum, heels of feet directly below rings

About 11 minutes of fun!!  Yee Haw!!  Ugh!

Penny’s Workout

250m Row, GHD situp, Back Ext, OHS, Green Band pullups

250m Rows (recovery between rows) :55, :55, :53

15, 12, 9 (OHS, Ring Rows)
Time: 2:37

Feb 5th

Had an incredibly tough time getting motivated today.  Mood: Blah!!!

Warmup 15 min Elliptical

Tabata Intervals (abbreviated)
Pull-ups on Rings -Assisted (3 cycles)
Dips on Rings (3 cycles)
Push-ups on Rings (3 cycles)
Deadlifts (3 cycles)
Air Squats (3 cycles)

Cooldown 10 min Recumbent Bike

My hands took a beating on the rings and I don’t think I could have shaken anyones hand for a while afterwards.

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