Testing a GoPro Bike/Helmet Cam

I initially wanted to do a 5 or 10k row tonight, but my GoPro Bike/Helmet Cam showed up at the door today, so of course, that became the priority!  After I toyed with it for a bit, I took it out for a test video and did a 3.5 mile once-around of the neighborhood.


Weightlifting Skills Practice

Tonight was more Oly Weightlifting skills practice at the Cincinnati Weightlifting Club.

The first half of practice, I focused on Overhead squats with a tight core/back arch, good shoulder/hand positioning, nice upright back.  I have some inflexible ankles right now, so by slipping a small weight under each heel, I can get the positioning a lot better.

The 2nd half of practice was spent working on the bottom of the snatch, from the top down.  So I did some “jump” shrugs… not jumps really, but just “driving through the heels” and imparting some momentum to the bar.  Next, the “Snatch Deadlift” position.  This differs from what I’m used to with the “Powerlifting Deadlift” start position.  The knees get spread more at the bottom, and rather than the vertical shins I’m used to, the shins go a bit more over the bar with the butt closer to the ground.  I guess it makes sense… the Snatch is a great deal less weight coming off the ground than what someone’s Deadlift PR would be.

The technical nuances of the lift are way beyond anything I’ve yet encountered since getting into barbell lifting about 6 months ago.  I’m starting to see why I’ve read that someone never perfects the Snatch or Clean & Jerk, they just keep practicing the lifts and cleaning up their technique.

Good stuff!  I like the focus needed so far!

Cycling 30 Miles

We cycled 30 miles on the Little Miami trail, doing a roundtrip from Morrow to Corwin.

Olympic Weightlifting Skills

Tonight was our second visit with the USAW coach at the Cincinnati Weightlifting Club.  We continued to work on skills related to the Snatch movement.  Tonight’s skills focused more (for me) on shoulder positioning and keeping the core tight and trying to maintain active arms during the pull.

It was plenty hot and humid in the gym, so we were dripping all over the bar and drenched by the time we left, but admittedly, it felt pretty danged good.  Other than a bit of frustration in not getting some positioning and timing right, I like working on the movements.  Already, I’m feeling the results of holding new positions in my legs, back, shoulders, and arms…. just not used to holding and achieving certain movements yet, but it will come!!

500m Rows

We were hoping to get out and do some cycling tonight, but by late afternoon the winds had picked up a lot and the recent 90F temps were causing thunderstorms to start exploding all over the place…. so, we opted for some high intensity rowing instead.

2 rounds
250m Row, 10 GHD Back Ext, 10 GHD situps, 10 pushups, 10 pullups, 10 squats

500m Row Sprints
Penny: 1:52, 1:59, 2:08
Bob: 1:43, 1:44, 2:01, 2:00

We both were gassed and shaking when we got done, but I had enough energy to joke about doing one more round. Penny had just enough left to give me a gesture with her hand! I think it was her way of saying “You’re number one!!” 🙂

Deadlift 1RM

Given the way this week was going, and the easy 25 mile bike ride yesterday, I opted for a heavy day, chosing to do Deadlift 1RM (1 rep maximum).  I’m figuring this should work well given tomorrow will be a “sprint” workout day, and then Friday will be with the Olympic Weightlifting coach again doing skills.

2 Rounds
250m Row, 10 GHD Back Extensions, 10 GHD Situps, 10 Squats, 10 pullups

Deadlifts 1RM (Previous Best 365#)
165 x 5
255 x 2
305 x 1
355 x 1
370 x 1 PR

Cycling 25 Miles

Did a fairly easy 25 mile ride tonight down the Little Miami Trail.

Olympic Weightlifting Skills

With the “CrossFit-lite” that we’ve been doing, an Achille’s heel of ours is the Weightlifting (e.g. Clean and Jerk, and Snatch).  They are so technique oriented that it is tough for us to manage on our own (unlike powerlifting which involves slower movements), so on the recommendation of others, we sought out some local coaching.

Monday night was our first workout with the local Olympic weightlifting coach at the Cincinnati Weightlifting club #1822 over in Fairfield, not all that far away from us.  We spent the time working on various skills and positions as precursors to the lifts.  It was amazing that even though we’ve been exercising vigorously for the past 6 months doing squats, etc, we were still quite sore in the shoulders, low back, and even most surprisingly, our hip flexors.  Heck, we can do squats now until the cows come home, but fine tuning our position for some of the technical intricacies of the lifts had us working muscles in ways we hadn’t been accustomed to…. yowsa!!

Some of the skills we worked:

  • Focus on “stretching/pulling” the bar “like it’s taffy” for stronger shoulder support and lockout rather than just “shrugging” the bar and losing the benefit/support of the skeletal system.
  • Foot/Knee squat positioning… needed some tweaking
  • Back/Butt positioning… my lower back and hamstrings need to continue to be stretched to get good positioning
  • “Good Mornings” for positioning and hamstring stretch in one of the middle “pull” positions.
  • Upright rows tweaked for the final shrug/pull position
  • Foot positioning from the jump to the “squat-under”
  • Snatch-balance squats
  • Behind the neck push presses (fine tuned bar travel also).
  • Accommodations to work around stiff ankles until they stretch out more (e.g. heel on plywood for higher angle, giving me a more upright back angle)
  • Overhead Squat positioning (Due to lack of flexibility, I still lean over too far and compensate by having the bar too far back to keep it over my knees).
  • “Goblet Squats” and “Potatoe squats” to work on upright back positioning in the squat (using a dumbbell)

And I think there were other things we discussed/worked on too, but I was on info-overload.  Even though I’ve been reviewing video, reading, and doing some of this for the past 6 months, it’s amazing how much I’ve yet to learn.

Chris has a great demeanor and coaching style that works well for us….. low key… understands the limitations of older participants and intermediate accommodations…. and communication/humor that works well for both of us.  He wanted to know what our intentions were regarding weightlifting (e.g. hone technique, serious lifting, etc).  We admitted that we are continuing with CrossFit-style workouts, but are intrigued by the weightlifting too, so we’d like to see where we can go with it.  There are upcoming Weightlifting meets, the next July 18th in Sandusky, so he encouraged us to consider doing that to get our feet wet.  I seriously doubt we’ll have any semblance of form/technique by then, but since I sat through a Meet a few weeks ago, I understand that most of the pressure will be self-induced no matter how “good” we get at this.  lol

Great start and we’re looking forward to more torture from Chris on Friday!

Kettlebell Swings, 250m Rows

I wanted a short intense workout tonight since it was almost 9pm by the time I could squeeze some time in.  This combination worked nicely!  I was drenched by the time I finished and subsequently caught my breath.

2 Rounds
250m Row, 10 GHD Back Ext, 10 GHD Situps, 10 Overhead Squats

21 Kettlebell Swings 35#
250m Row
15 Kettlebell Swings 35#
250m Row
9 Kettlebell Swings 35#
250m Row

Time: 4:52

Deadlift, Front Squat, Back Squat

Haven’t done any heavy lifting in a while, so I warmed on the rower, GHD, and such, then decided to add some plates to the barbell.


Deadlift (as heavy warmup)
125 x 5
215 x 5

Front Squat
I’ve not done much/any significant heavy Front Squats, so everything was essentially a personal record (PR)
145×3, 165, 185, 215PR
I still lean a bit to far forward and that puts some pressure on my hands/wrist, even though it shouldn’t, so I stopped at 215

Back Squat (Previous PR 270)
215, 235, 255, 270, 275PR

Didn’t have much gas in the tank tonight, so was just happy to be able to push some weight around and even get a PR or two.

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