Reverse Hyper, Rope Pulls, Ring Chinups, Front Squat

I wanted to test the ability to do Reverse Hypers (Low back exercises) on our Glute-Ham Developer (GHD) after reading an article regarding the benefit of decompressing the lower back (especially after heavy squats or deadlifts).


Reverse Hyper x 10 x 2 (second set with blue band providing resistance)
Rope Pulls x 10 x 2 (laying back and pulling myself from 60 degree angle to 30 degree angle)
Ring Chinups x 5 (using false grip)

I had a 205# weighted barbell from Deadlifting the other day that I wanted up on the rack at chest level.  If I could Power Clean that much weight (which I can’t), it would have been a cake walk, but instead of just taking the weights off and moving the barbell up, I deadlifted the weight up to the bottom stops at hip level.  Then I squatted under the bar and got into a good Front Squat position.  If I’d gone any lower, my a$$ would have been on the ground beneath my feet, so this was a good test to see if I could move this weight from a dead stop at the bottom of the squat. (Normally the squat is a bit of a plyometric movement that takes advantage of the “rubber band” effect of the muscles to help “lift” you out of the bottom after being stretched during the descent).  After a moment or two of 2nd thoughts, I gave it a hearty go and stood up with the weight.  My best Front Squat is 265#, but I’ve NEVER started that low in the bottom of a squat with a weighted barbell, nor have I done heavy squats in the past couple of months.  Success!!!  Must be all the low squats I’ve done moving and packing boxes into storage for the past month… LOL


Medium Intensity Exercising

Still coughing up plenty of phlegm, but needed some exercise after 8 hours of driving and 5 hours of meetings.

Medium Intensity Workout (brief rest between intervals)

GHD situps x15, 15 second rest
GHD back extensions x15, 15 second rest
Chinups (green band) x 20, 60 seconds rest
35# Front Squats x 10 (light bar for back posture control only)

Lots of Steps and More Carrying

Does going up and down a flight of stairs over 30 times count as good exercise?

Demo’d a large computer armoire on the 2nd floor and carried the pieces out to the garage… moved 3 large bookshelves around and the associated books, as well as carrying many miscellaneous boxes, tubs, and bags.

The nice benefit of all this squatting, lifting, and carrying is that my back doesn’t hurt, but my glutes are sore…. I’m really appreciating all the coaching that Chris has given us in the past year!!

We’re in the home stretch and just about ready to put this place on the market!  Woo Hoo!!

Windmills and Hauling Boxes

Plenty of travel and meetings lately left me run down and quasi-sick for the past few days.  Even minor things left me drained.

Saturday I made myself haul and take more items to storage… mostly at a snail’s pace.  While in the basement, I couldn’t avoid picking up a Kettlebell, so I grabbed the 50# and did a windmill. Knowing that 50# is the largest KB I have, I wondered how tough it would be do a Windmill with a Barbell.  It’s long and relatively unwieldy, so I grabbed the 35# bar vs the 45# bar.  Once I found the center of gravity, I gave it a go and it worked.  Now I’ve got a way to increase weight beyond 50# and balance a barbell over my head with one hand… LOL

Hopefully I’ll feel up to more tomorrow to get workouts back into full swing.

Deadlifts and Windmills

After reading the Primal Blueprint, I’ve been restricting my Carbs to jump start some weight loss (but not to the point of ketosis aka Atkins) by getting plenty of good lean protein and quality fats  (e.g. Nuts, Seeds).  So far so good, dropping 9# in the past 4 weeks without being hungry.  In fact, my appetite and energy has been pretty good (no need to eat on a fixed basis or feeling jittery energy wanes).  I’d already eliminated sugar and most high glycemic carbs from my diet in the past year, so this has been more about snugging the reigns up some.

Grok’s Rule #4: Lift Heavy Things

Deadlifts (barefoot)
115# x 10
205# x 5 x 2
(Haven’t done deadlifts in a couple of months, so I took it easy.  Didn’t want my back to get too grumpy tomorrow, so I didn’t make the jump to 300+lbs.)

KB Windmills (barefoot)
50# x 3/side (PR)

Previous best on Windmills was 35#

1K Row

1000m Row

Loading and Unloading Scuba Equipment

While Penny painted most of the day, I loaded and unloaded all of our scuba tanks (the back shocks were moaning) for temporary storage.  Also made trips with shelving units.

It’s amazing what the proper squat and lifting techniques can do for “everyday” lifting and carrying.  I can remember a time when this kind of stuff just killed my back and left me sore for days.  Right now it doesn’t feel like I did anything strenuous!!  Three cheers for Crossfit and Olympic Lifting!

Stripping Wallpaper and Glue

Got a nice shoulder workout with a mix of lunges.  Spent the better part of the day wetting and stripping wallpaper, then scrubbing the walls to get the remaining glue off.  Up and down off the 24″ chair was nice for some lunge/step-up work.

Loading Electrical Equipment

Knowing that I didn’t have time for a workout by the time I got home, I opted to forgo any student assistance to help load my vehicle and spent over 30 minutes hauling equipment and loading it.  Some heavy (motors, transformers, wiring boards) and some light (small boxes of manuals and light equipment).  Good mix of lifting and walking at a brisk pace.

Kettlebell Movement Mixer

No chance for a hike tonight because I was meeting some students from class for dinner.  Fortunately I’d brought along a 20# KB this week to the motel, so I squeezed in a mix of Kettlebell movements before dinner.

20# KB Windmills, 3 per side

20# KB 2 hand Swings, 10

20# KB 1 hand swings, 10/side

20# KB Shoulder Press, 10/side

20# KB 2 hand Swings, 20

20# KB Windmills, 3/side

Nice way to get the blood pumping before a nice dinner of green vegetables and Salmon.

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