Romanian Deadlifts, KB Swings, 5K Trail Hike, 10K test ride on the Bike

Back was tight yesterday to the point of walking partially bent over.  Took lots of stretching and foam roller to get to the point to be able to go to bed.  Something about 2-handed swings just puts too much pressure on my back.  Can’t seem to get the good neutral spine.

Back still pretty tight today.

125# x 5 x 2
215# x 1 x 5
265 x 1 x 5

50# 1-hand KB Swings x 10/side x 2

5K trail hike on the mountain bike trail at East Fork SP using my Vibrams Five Finger Shoes.

10K test ride on the bike after a tire change.


2K Row & 4 Mile Hike

Rowed 2k… but was too strong out of the gate with no warmup…. bonked quickly and just gutted through the remainder.  Time: 10 minutes (PR was 8:32 in January ’10)

Cardio not coming back as strong as I thought from the lung infection.

We also got a nice 2hr 4 mile hike in this evening using the Vibram Five Finger shoes.  After a two week break-in period, this was the first long outing with them.  Didn’t intend for it to be quite so long, but I failed to review the trail prior to setting out, and _thought_ I knew how it ran… D’OH!!


Did a 3 mile hike at John Bryan State Park along the river on the Gorge Trails.  It was a great way to unwind after the 8 hour class today.  I love Daylight Savings Time!

Hiking and Jogging

Went to Caesar Creek State Park and hiked 4 miles on the difficult mountain bike trails.  Too challenging for us to bike, but it made for a nice hike.  We jogged on the up hill stints which was kinda fun for us non-joggers!

Mountain Biking and Hiking

Spent the afternoon mountain biking and hiking at East Fork State Park.

Biking and Hiking

Biked 20 miles, including some rolling hill road work.  Hiked 5 miles on mountain bike trails.

Rappelling trip to Conkle’s Hollow in Ohio

Our activity this Saturday was a nice trip over for some rappelling to a beautiful area of Ohio.  I’ve chronicled it over on our Great Outdoor Adventure blog!